I say this to say that the same events you complain about that are not of the black community are also done in the african culture. When your are having man woes, remember your don’t need a man to make you happy. One thing you will quickly learn as Chuck D from the group Public Enemy stated, (Every Brother ain’t a Brother) Although sad but, true.

I am a senior at an HBCU with a very healthy chapter that has a reputation for not being in line with most of the others. Don’t you think that your argument as an active brother will be better received rather than just a critic who abandoned the organization? This November my other 9 line brothers and I will proudly celebrate 20 years in the fold. | Reply. Friday, September 13, 2013, Brothers, similar to the comment earlier, you are entitled to your own opinion and I’m not here to change it. Change can happen from within. ( Log Out /  The last I heard of the great Alpha Phi Alpha they were working to establish a ninety million dollar memorial in Washington, DC for our late great brother Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. You are more than welcome to make your changes from the inside. An Omega hit an Alpha in his jaw because he felt like he was being disrespected. Comment by andre | Comment by Amari |

If you are waiting to until you join a fraternity to help the Black community, you may want to reconsider the “real reason” that you want to become a member of a fraternal organization. | Reply. When Alpha Phi Alpha started in 1906, it was an opportunity to bring young men together who were like minded individuals, men who wanted to achieve an education, men who wanted to give back to society, these principles are still being applied today. It’s funny too because I always have somebody random asking me what they need to do to join a frat….LOL…yeah exctly.. I’m not in one….. Hopefully one day, you too may learn to put it all in perspective and discover what is truly important for the entire black community. Just one more thing.

He is part of the past. Being that I am far younger than you and many of the people that have commented on this piece, I find it very interesting how many people of the generations before mine have come to shape their feelings on Greek life and our community as a whole. Also, why do some individuals say instead of going through the legitimate intake process,wrhere is done at the national level, one should go through their chapter’s Sunday, January 31, 2010 Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. How to make a Alpha E Punch with all the instructions and ingredients. If you were so disgusted with it why did you not seek to change it?

First I just have to communicate how much it lifts my heart to see intelligent black men engage in a debate to bring about enlightenment, it is a practice that has long been forgotten and substituted for fist-fights and name calling. Or decorate one cookie with Greek Letters and give out individual cookies. Top College Drinking Games: THE TOP 10 SHOWDOWN! When I made the choice to pledge the fraternity I made the sacrifices to become part of the organization and do what I could to help the frat, help the college I was attending, and help the black community.

The choice is entirely yours to make. As a thinking man, I know of no organization or man that is beyond criticism. Africa has been significantly damaged by white people’s influence. Ain’t no way the attendance of the the Trump inauguration comes close to the attendance of the Obama inaugeration! Monday, October 7, 2013 Why should Alpha Phi Alpha be different? There are days I feel like taking care of this unfinished business and going grad chapter, but I haven’t yet. It went down very smooth.

The message about the memorial to Dr. Marting Luther King, Jr. is an eye opener. Thanks for reading, and I appreciate your comments.

Monday, June 22, 2009 God Bless, Comment by dejavu | Some, I’m not so close with and others absolutely. Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Comment by brotherpeacemaker | But Doctor King wasn’t working to build a memorial so people could worship him. Comment by W.E.B. Comment by Quote | He was the lone Alpha at the school. | Reply.

It is not intended as an insult.

Hopefully one day, you will let it go…”.

Interesting, I am a Sophomore as well. One member argued, the oath you took. I am sure I won’t be the last. Learn more about the Brothers of the Upsilon Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha. I really enjoyed your article.

| Reply. | Reply. The frat so nice they had to name it twice! Just because people say they want to do the right thing or even want to do the right thing, actions are what really count.

Alpha Phi Alpha has more than enough leaders ready to lead thank you very much. You brought back some bitter memories. African Americans, Black Community, Black History, Life, Thoughts. Comment by Charles | Just because we are building the memorial does not mean we have abandoned our community.

Hope to hear from you soon… | Reply. It was scary to see what people would do after drinking some of this stuff -- I'm surprised that no one got alcohol poisoning.

| Reply. But you might need to look up the word ancestor. I’m sorry that your undergraduate experience was not what you hoped it to be.

Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. is willing to spend ninety million dollars as a tribute to a past that has been manipulated to almost fairy tale status instead of spending ninety million dollars on the development of the black community’s future. By African ancestors, I make reference to my forebears who lived back on the continent free from the European influences like the pomp and circumstance of black tie debutante balls and evening gowns. Believe it or not, that was a three hundred percent improvement from the semester before when the only brother on the yard was a senior getting ready to graduate.

Alpha Phi Alpha is not for everyone and everyone is not for Alpha Phi Alpha. I’m thankful for my experience with Alpha Phi Alpha, but to go back and do it again? I also didn’t like the taunting.

Not falter as individuals. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. My college room-mate who pledged Omega via grad, spent very little time under the Que tent. And lastly, do the opportunities in grad chapter lend themselves to the same opportunities of that of an undergraduate chapter?

There were some Omegas visiting from another school and the Omegas on the yard were going to show them a good time.

As a current and active member of Alpha Phi Alpha I respect your position. Please comment back I’m excited for this discussion. Please enter the six letters or digits that appear in the image opposite. I find it small-minded to question a man’s past membership due to disagreement with the tone and content of the criticism put forth. And whether or not I’m a brother that renounced the fraternity or an inactive brother of the fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha will still be whatever it is.

Alpha set these programs this way because not all chapters in frat are in the best financial situation to provide that type of assistance.

Your response is pretty typical.

The Alphas, like all the other fraternities, had these events that the entire campus would wait all semester to see.

I had about 10-11 cups on top of whatever I drank when I was completely blacked out within 30-45 minutes. Thursday, August 7, 2008 I feel the call to lead and I know I am a born leader. When I was in my ile studying the African spirituality of Ifa, I was severely disappointed with the majority of Orisa priest and priestesses that came to visit from Nigeria. Wednesday, November 12, 2008 I love my education, and I am imbued with Alpha Phi Alpha in my spirit and heart; thus, I don’t feel like being beaten will make me love my fraternity any better. There was one night when the whole school was in an uproar when a fight broke out between the Alphas and the members of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. I commend Brother Rashid Fai’Sal for his enlightful responses and for taking the “higher road” (not resorting to name-calling and personal attacks). If you take nothing from my words, heed what I say in that you be the change and force in your professional life, just like your Fraternal bond. Oh yeah…. | Reply. It is true that elitism was not the cornerstone of Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. when it was founded. Hey, I know this is an old post but do you mind telling me what forum you got this from? It’s kind of like the person who gets a character witness to counter the fact that they are on trial for mugging somebody. If you don’t feel that your membership to any organization will be one built on mutual respect and trust then what’s the point of joining? For my remaining time in school, certain folk wouldn’t let me forget I was an “eternal Sphnixman.”. I am a student of high achievement, and I do not want to waste time going through a pledge process that will lower my GPA and not be worth it. When I pledged Alpha Phi Alpha I was introduced into a world of self inflicted subjugation. | Reply.

Learn More “We Party Hard. Our ways and the things that we do in chapters who abide by what is set by the national guidelines do lots more than party and get drunk. Transfer your cookies to a cooling rack or cool plate. How ever this discussion has called things into question for me. We Stay Up Late. I was naive to think the Alpha experience was going to be different and uplifting. Tuesday, April 21, 2009 Doctor King was trying to build a community. Just like the movie School Days.

I helped to keep the chapter from dying off.

With this and many other chapters like mine, we have surpassed that goal of 96 million dollars for our black community and have also impacted our future generations with hope for a better future. As college students, we all love some good Cup Noodles. Comment by Rashid Fai'Sal | and thanks once again for that last paragraph. When we held Alpha balls and cotillions, they were meant to give the students a reason to put on their good clothes and have a good time. I have already proven committment and a stick-to-it-ness through the many organizations and my academic background. All fraternal societies have a “social aspect” but this is not the primary purpose of their origin nor should it be the primary purpose for which a person should seek membership. The organization of brothers could help when it comes time to network for a job. This isn’t for me or other black people who may have a little conscious. And, this issue of racial bigotry among our own is utterly infuriating. Change ). Aug 29, 2019 - Explore Alpha Phi's board "Go Greek", followed by 6190 people on Pinterest. My question is are the intake officers aware of the time constraints of research needed to complete a thesis/dissertation during the process? Hell yes, within my heart and soul. Like people who develop a relationship with a significant other thinking that their choice can change, I do not think it is a logical choice of action to return to an organization that appears so hellbent on behaviors that are somewhat detrimental to the black community.

People, please look take a look at your comments. To his credit, No. But keep in mind, you do not need to join a fraternity to help the Black community. Anyways, I ran across this recipe about two years ago from my lil bro’s girlfriend who was an Alpha Phi at UC Irvine. | Reply. There are better ways to promote the fellowship of black men.

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