Primary routes include both trunk and non-trunk roads. Not everyone understands the rules, though - do you? The system continues to three and four digit numbers which further split and criss-cross the radials. [13], In England and Wales, the six single-digit numbers reflect the traditionally most important radial routes coming out of London. It would perhaps be a useful resource to include a directory of links to other places where we we can find out about various road schemes. New or Future Road Schemes : To help you find schemes in your area a indicates Greater Belfast and Lisburn, a for counties Armagh & Down, a for counties Tyrone & Fermanagh and a for counties Londonderry & Antrim. In both cases the main single-digit roads normally define the zone boundaries. I am an irregular user of the road schemes page, perhaps twice a year.

Three more commemorative booklets have been added to the website, published at the opening of three very different motorway projects. Motorways first came to Britain over three decades after the advent of the A-road numbering event, and as a result required a new numbering system. Lower numbers originate closer to London than higher numbered ones. That has a knock-on effect: Road Schemes pages rely almost entirely on visitors to CBRD submitting progress updates and new information to keep the pages up to date. That said, it would be sorely missed ( very surprised that it’s only 1% of the site traffic ) and would urge you to consider your second option of farming it out. Now I know that because I can see that from my office (and local news bulletins) but I don't know enough to update the page. [1], With the introduction of motorways in the late 1950s, a new classification of "M" was introduced. (I'll be honest, this one isn't very likely.). national newspapers sometimes make dubious headlines out of it,, Do nothing and continue as at present.

In 2017 a £300m package of improvements was announced for the route, with a mix of road widening and junction improvement schemes. Comments, questions, errors, omissions, cash donations... get in touch! Recruit a group of interested volunteers to actively maintain Road Schemes pages. Originally along the Great North Road, it then moved to the Tyne Tunnel, causing some of the roads in Zone 1 to lie in Zone 6. There's still nowhere else that does that, and it's now been a part of what we do for more than 15 years. The designated A1 later moved to the western bypass around the city, and roads between the two found themselves back in Zone 1. In London, Cycleways are designated and signed using the C prefix. I visit nearly every day.

For the first time in 40 years the Government is collecting our taxes and using it to make our lives better. Please find a way to try and keep this section going, it's the first thing I visit any time I'm on the site and it's what brought me here today - looking for the answer to a question which it duly did answer. to dictate what you publish. Keep the notable ones that are clearly in progress and under construction. I also should say that I am sure many will appreciate all the work done. The numbers of the roads changed quite frequently during the early years of the system, because it was a period of rapid expansion of the network and some numbered routes did not follow the most usual routes taken.

[13] Perhaps just concentrate on some high profile ones i.e. But wasn't this a pleasant diversion? [17] Many 3-digit B roads outside the London area are former A roads which have been downgraded owing to new road construction; others may link smaller settlements to A roads. Yellow box junctions keep crossroads clear and traffic on the move. Two schemes exist; one for roads of motorway standard (and classification), and another for non-motorway roads. The new-look CBRD, launched in summer 2017, is supposed to be a reliable resource and I go to great lengths to attribute pictures and information, list sources at the end of articles, fact-check and update old writing, and so on. Perhaps some form of compromise? [3] The exception is between Zones 1 and 2, where the River Thames defines the boundary so that all of Kent is in Zone 2. Perhaps I am one of the very few who use this part of your awesome website, I can definitely check in even more often! I agree Bill. This is personified in RIS1, the upcoming RIS2 and the ring-fencing of all VED tax to road building. Who wants another bland GDS-style government portal labyrinth web-site anyway. When I visit CBRD, about once a fortnight, it is Road Schemes to which I go first.

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