Hopefully it’ll help make this tricky street track more accessible, while still keeping some speed in the car. It’s a sweet spot in a constant balancing act between speed and grip. Hopefully it works just as well for you. If you’re struggling for traction mid-corner and on corner exits, or finding the car a bit too twitchy to your inputs all over the circuits, there are a few F1 2020 setup categories to tweak. For this reason, 0.05 and 0.20 work best.

The slow corners around Monaco mean you will be accelerating hard from low speed often. You should only do this in qualifying because tyre wear isn’t too much of an issue across a single lap. Finally, the tire pressures are kept on the low side to increase grip. Specifically, using 2-3 for your suspension settings works pretty nicely. But if you’d rather learn all the inner workings for yourself, here’s one way to go about it. Anti-roll bars setup to around 4 to 6 will increase your ability to throw the car through the fast middle sector. Sign in with Google. Therefore, a nice, soft suspension setup will aid the car in dealing with these issues. You can just steal someone else’s setup. With the rear anti-roll bar, the most important thing is to balance out the very soft front bar. It gives the players a chance to win a 2020 Season Formula 1 ® car of their choice. You shouldn’t worry too much about being overtaken, even if the cars behind are quicker in the race. Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel Formula Xbox One, CSL Elite F1® Set – officially licensed for PS4™. High camber or toe-in will increase grip in high-speed turns and general stability, at the expense of tire wear. Continuing a theme of extremes in this setup, the on and off diffs are both set very low. Both camber and toe settings are kept more moderate here than in the Monaco setup, because the car has to work hard at Double Gauche, Stavelot and Blanchimont to find mid-corner grip at very high speed and RPM levels, and also be able to take the chicane and turn one hairpin nimbly. More extremes.

Sadly simply applying Bono Huis’ setup to your car doesn’t turn you into Bono Huis.

You should ensure you have just enough speed to cover any attempts at an overtake from behind. Keep your diff setup low, with the on throttle diff set to 50% and off throttle set to 60%. It’s not about making your car as easy to drive as possible. This means that gift buying is starting to …, With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gifts to give.

This will help us carry more speed through each corner. If you find it hard to hit the apexes because your car feels unresponsive and sluggish to your steering inputs, that's understeer, and remedying it is a matter of doing the exact reverse of the above. The former describes the angle of the tires when viewed from above, and the latter when viewed head-on.

More extremes.

Increasing the front brake bias will slow the car down quicker, but you will find you’ll start to understeer into corners.

Realistically, it’s probably both. Well, Monaco is the definition of that phrase. It will increase your stability throughout each lap, and wont negatively affect your corner speed. Camber levels set to nearly max, toe levels at nearly min. With the differential raised it should give enough one lap pace to qualify well. This is as soft as you’ll see on a car setup screen at any track. Run a full race with 100% brake pressure though and you’ll run into durability problems quickly. The roll-bars are kept comparatively stiff to maintain stability, and probably to make it easier while you’re cutting a lot of kerb in place like the Nouvelle Chicane and Saint Devote (no heroics please etc). The ultimate aim for any setup on any track is to run with your downforce as low as possible, and your suspension as stiff as possible. Finally, keep your front tyre pressures relatively balanced with a slightly lower front left pressure. Sadly, the 2020 race has been cancelled, but luckily you can recreate it in Codemasters’ F1 2020! This setup was created by the great Jarno Opmeer, a Dutch driver with great chops in real motorsport and sim racing. The anti-roll bars follow a similar story.

Traction and tyre wear is key for our tyre pressure setup at Monaco. Looking for some F1 2020 setup tips? F1 2020 setup example: Monaco This setup was created by the great Jarno Opmeer, a Dutch driver with great chops in real motorsport and sim racing. Search … If your opponent has tweaked their downforce and diff so they hit their top speed just at the end of the longest straight, and you haven’t, you’ve effectively handed them free extra horsepower. Before we get into a couple of example setups, here are a few basic principles that guide the process. In this guide, I’ll run through my favourite car setup for the Monaco circuit in F1 2020. When tires are inflated to a lower PSI they physically cover more surface area on the track, working their way into all the tiny gaps in the surface of the tarmac, and the more they do this, the faster you can take a turn without hitting the traction break point – when the molecules in the tire can’t work fast enough to counteract your forward momentum. We will lower both fron and rear tyre pressures to help disapate heat more effectively.

This will almost certainly run you in to tyre trouble during a long race. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But either way, the default setup works pretty well at any of the 22 circuits; It’ll probably keep you competitive against the AI up until the mid 70s on the difficulty slider.

With this setup, even the most avid Monaco hater will find the track at least a little easier than they once thought. So, here's how to nail your own F1 2020 setups to give yourself the edge. In sim racing that debate is: Are you just slower than the other racer, or do they have a better setup? But for online races, and especially time trials where leaderboard glory awaits, anyone using a good custom setup is going to have a huge advantage over your default car. Run a full race with 100% brake pressure though and you’ll run into durability problems quickly. Your email address will not be published. Sign In. To ensure we stop quickly, increase your brake pressure to around the 90 mark.

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