If you ended up rescuing a hamster from such a place or getting her from the pet shop – be a responsible owner yourself and never breed your hamsters! He is sweet and loving.
Plus, a broken toy could injure your hamster, which would require a trip to the vet (we’re talking about vet costs next). Read more: How Often Should You Clean a Hamster’s Cage? Examination costs will vary depending on where you live and the purpose of your visit, but you should plan to visit a veterinarian soon after purchasing your hamster and at least annually thereafter. Not every hamster in the pet store is in optimal health. This way, you can ensure it’s in relatively good health. We’ll take a look in a minute at how they compare to other pets, but yes, please don’t think about adopting a pet hamster if you cannot provide it with good quality care. he will run if you scare him. If needs be, save up in advance to make sure you can buy the equipment and have enough for vet care – for the entire lifespan of your hamster. Even fish cost a significant amount. Some species of fish are pricey enough on their own, but their aquariums cost several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on size. We know you need more information to decide whether you can afford to have a hamster as a pet. Make sure your gutters are clean before they start to fill up again this fall. They are a lovable pet and easy to take care of! (Which he is 1 month old.). An ethical hamster will never breed a female before the age of four months and then no more than 3-5 times during her lifetime. Old Price $14 ... Gerbil. Old Price $149.99 2 Sizes Roborovski Dwarf Hamster.

Toilet paper (plain white) makes a soft nesting material. Hamster surgery may be $75 and up. Do keep in mind that you can make some toys yourself. They’d eat at most a cup, but still, cantaloupes aren’t good forever. I have developed allergies to him. These so-called “toys” are crucial to your hamster’s well-being. My son had been eyeing getting a pet hamster for some time. 7 Hamster Health Problems Every Owner Needs to Know About, How Big Do Hamsters Get? This seems to be regardless of size, species, and gender. The initial price of the hamster is only a small part of the full costs of owning it, so let’s break the other expenses into categories: Upfront Costs For Your Hamster’s Environment To have a happy life, hamsters need to be in an environment that offers them safety but also challenges their bodies and minds. You can easily find low-grade hamster food at Walmart or Petsmart, with prices going as low as $3 a pound. And in the end, even with high-quality food, this isn’t going to be a huge expense. He has not bitten me once in his whole life. The latter is especially true if you need a saltwater tank. However, when it comes to budgeting for an animal, how much should a new hamster owner be prepared to spend towards their pets?

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