Can it take this long to heal from bloat? And not enough milk leads to parasite problems because the kids are not getting enough of mom’s antibodies to fight them. In the case of does, they won’t be big enough to breed until closer to two years, and in severe cases, their growth can be permanently affected, and they’ll never be big enough to breed. Dosage info is in one of the links, but just in case you don’t get to them right away, you should double the dosage for Safeguard. Goats are ruminants, so hay is essential to their diets. Poop which was finally getting back to normal the day I took him to the vet, started coming out tiny again. So I guess I’m a little confused because I’ve read this article and all of the comments. If you are new to goats, you also have no idea how easily goats might be able to escape their area and find chicken or pig grain upon which to gorge themselves. How long can you keep an unopened bottle of perfume?

I’m wary when they tell me his fecal test turned up “totally fine”. For vomit, I let him have activated charcoal. Hi- our 14 year old Pygmy goat named Cindy who has been healthy her whole life (and only has her sister Jenny for a buddy) became ill yesterday. Sounds like it has hay belly, which usually happens when a goat has a high load of parasites. If she has produced a little extra, you can take it. So I’m not sure about the hay belly/parasites either. Bloat would kill him within a couple of hours if that’s it. You should not be forcing him to eat it.

Your email address will not be published. Any ideas?

How long have you had him? Just found air all throughout his intestines. If you press into it, and it feels like you are pressing into cookie dough, that’s chewed up food in the rumen, and it’s totally normal. It may mean the fecal was done incorrectly. I really am surprised she’s still alive after everything you described and considering all of the possibilities. Her first symptom was depression, refusal to eat, and then profuse drooling/slack jaw. Chewing cud is a sign of a healthy goat. I’m worried that not giving her hay will be cause more problems with poor rumen function. I am awaiting blood work results. I will get sampled again. I’m so upset right now .

The two types of bloat are frothy bloat and free gas bloat.

It will probably be lying down in a corner somewhere hiding. If his belly is really big, but his spine doesn’t have much meat on it, then he could have a problem with intestinal parasites. With first fresheners it is a great idea to put them on the milk stand twice a day and try to milk them — but NOT separating her from the kids beforehand. This year after combing – they are cashmere type – I dusted with food grade diatomaceous earth twice this summer which seemed to work. For treatment, there are a few ways to go.

As I say in the article I linked, it affects all animals differently because it depends where in spinal column the worm winds up.

There should at least a few, but they don’t need to be treated unless the goat is being negatively affected. Walking is a good thing, but milk of magnesia and charcoal are not bloat treatments. I’m sorry your vet was not more helpful. She is moving around this morning , came down to the garden and wandered with her sister. No, bloat does not take a year to heal. Malnourished kids get a big belly because they are eating as much solid food as they can stuff into themselves, but it doesn’t have the nutrients they need for growth. For weeks, he has now had a loss of enthusiasm for food and water, less energy, much pickier eater, every time I think he is making a comeback, he vomits about a tablespoon or two of wet olive green cud every few days or once a week.

If you have a pasture, then you’ll only need to give them hay during the times of year when they can’t graze. How do I reduce the acidity in my sauce? If you have kept them on the same pasture for the past year — or even a couple of months — they’re basically eating from their toilet, so they are ingesting larvae from the pasture, and at some point the level in their gut is just too much for them to deal with.

I have a Pygmy buckling and he’s 2 months old. As soon as she’s acting normal, you can let her out on pasture again.

A goat with a heavy load of parasites may be “starving” because the parasites are either causing anemia or consuming the nutrients in the goat’s digestive system. B-complex doesn’t usually have enough thiamine in it to treat a full-blown case of deficiency but in her case, it might also help her to bounce back. It’s probably either worms or coccidia.

Vet said to feed soaked alfalfa pellets since she wasn’t chewing well, and didn’t want her rumen to become impacted.

That could be why he screams so much — because he’s lonely. Day 5 today. I’m freaking out can someone please tell me what to do. He had regular pellet poop.

Usually when someone thinks their male goat can’t poop, the problem is that he can’t pee., which is caused by a urinary stone. It’s because we don’t limit the amount of milk they get from mom for the first two months. Maybe someone was worried that she had eaten something poisonous? I have read your articles and replies to posts, found them extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Wanting to just stand and not very active.

anything new and if the taste hits them yes.

I picked up Safeguard for goats today.

Clumpy poop is a classic sign of a worm overload. He’s acting fine just fat. Is she still pooping pebbles? I have a goat about 3 months and this morning we woke up to him just laying around not wanting to move. Some regimens add ivermectin but not all. Your email address will not be published. It is hard to find a vet that’s up to date on goat parasites because so much research has been done in the past 10 years, and if they don’t see a lot of goats in their practice, they spend all of their continuing ed time on dogs and cats.

Hello, do you happen to have any advise on treating pneumonia in goats & what over the counter medication can be used? Thank you! All goats with a mature functional rumen are at risk. This is the time of year that you see disease from m-worm. What does that indicate?

Keep in mind that bloat is just a symptom, not a disease, and bloat goes away fairly quickly or the goat is dead. Being a multiple is not an excuse for being small by two to three months of age. (2) Sandra G. Solaiman, Goat Science and Production, (Ames, Iowa: Blackwell, 2010), 168. Your goat does not sound well, so it sound like he is still sick. Other worms are microscopic or as small as tiny little hairs, which you probably would not notice unless it was so severe that it looked like hair was growing inside the stomach.

If the vet gave him antibiotics, that would be for an infection. Success! What is her body condition like? Strange to see all that empty air filled intestines.

Required fields are marked *. However, once you get it to its feet, you will probably notice that its abdomen looks bigger than usual. He was starting to make a strong comeback by the time the vet could see him and she exclaimed that he was perfectly healthy looking. Any goat that’s been dead for more than a few hours will be bloated.

If the stomach is soft, that’s not bloat.

Please help!! The vet gave grain to do his exam- owners not allowed in—covid. Alfalfa hay is also popular for feeding goats and has more protein, vitamins, and minerals than grass hays, typically. Goats eat hay, sweet feed, and goat food. Goats only vomit if they’ve poisoned. The belly area appears pendulous, sticking out at the sides and hanging down low. However, nothing else can provide the high levels of nutrients, as well as the antibodies, of fresh milk. Barn Lime.

I did notice her poop was a tad on the clumpy side. Bloat is caused when too much gas is trapped in the rumen. - my first line of bloat treatment is to go to the Therabloat bottle or the like.

They should see something because all goats have parasites — but it should be in low enough numbers that it doesn’t make the goat sick. A goat cannot survive with bloat for a week.

Here is a great PDF on body condition scoring in goats. When kids get too much milk, they get diarrhea. Her temp was 105 for about 24 hours. Thanks. It is possible that either you did not give enough of the dewormer or the worms are resistant to the dewormer that you used. First, the dried peanut grass itself is very messy, with lots of little leaves that like to fall off. They forage during the day and get Timothy hay in the evening and a bit of grain in the morning. A goat with listeriosis is usually dead long before five days. Thank you for the links. What else can be going on? When our best milker had triplets at her prime, one of her bucklings was 30 pounds at two months, which is huge for a Nigerian. Can u help figure out if my goat has bloat? Baby goats are born with very immature immune systems, and without all the antibodies of their mother’s milk, they usually have problems with coccidiosis, which is why many people who bottle-feed kids will start them on a coccidiostat or medicated milk replacer at three weeks of age. There are so many things that can go wrong in a goat’s digestive system.

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