The main idea to remember when you are introducing new members of the flock is that there will be a time period needed for them to establish their pecking order. When your existing flock has gone to roost at the end of the day, you will then place the new members in the coop, even on the roost, with the other members. Getting a group of mature hens means they have established their own pecking order among themselves. Tip 3: Be Breed Conscientious. I would highly suggest that anyone considering keeping a flock that they give it a try. How long will the pecking last? Add at least 2 new chickens of the same breed at a time. Instead, use straw or hay as a nesting bedding. It may be needed to repeat this process over a few days, until when they are introduced to one another, they settle down within a few minutes and accept one another. No matter what size flock you already have, adding new chickens takes a little bit of time so the birds can get used to one another. Keep in mind, the longer the quarantine, the safer everyone will be in the end. Chickens can be bullies, and the bigger hens often pick on the little ones. They already know each other and will hang out together until they are accepted into the established flock.
What is really interesting is the two flocks also return to their own lodgings at sundown at first. Can I mix old chickens with younger ones? In this way, the two flocks will begin their life together, starting out on a new piece of land and territory. She sat, and sat, and sat, and when all was said and done, she hatched out three beautiful chicks. learned this lesson, what many would say, the hard way, LOL! Home » General Chickens » Introducing New Chickens to the Flock. References.

Your email address will not be published. If you have a hen go broody and proceeds to hatch her own eggs, she will protect and take care of her baby chicks. There is just something about the peeping of a baby chick that is irresistible. Get a custom drawing of your pet, in wikiHow style! You can count on it. © 2020 - Hello Homestead. Of course! Once you have established your flock, it won’t be long before they all present with individual personalities, and all the members will have cute little names. Distract the chickens with treats so you can break up any fights before they even happen. Cubalaya Chicken: The Showy Bird from Cuba, Marek’s Disease in Chickens: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention, How to Raise Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Chicken Treats, 3 Ways to Get Rid of Chicken Mites Fast and Stop Their Return, Identifying 14 Common Chicken Predators (and How to Protect Them), 10 Tips for Taming Chicks so They Become Friendly and Social Chickens, How to Diagnose and Treat Crop Ailments in Chickens, 13 Awesome Chicken Bedding Options Your Hens are Going to Love, Eggs and Meat Productions: What You Need to Know as a Chicken Owner, Picking the Right Chicken Breed for Your Climate for a Healthy Flock. Keep a close eye on them to make sure no one is pecking the new birds. If you find you are unsure of the symptoms and signs to look for, this is where connecting with other flock keepers in your community can be beneficial, such as those around you that may have more experience with keeping a flock, to help you examine and check your flock. But, if you follow these steps, that bullying can be more vocal than physical. How to choose the perfect breed of chicken for you- including our top 5 beginner picks.

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