Ableism/Language. bonkers (never seen it used as an insult) crazy (A lot of people identify as 'crazy' and I wouldn't want them to get told off by the bot for talking about it) cuckoo (effectively bans people from mentioning cuckoo birds & cuckoo clocks which is ridic. Request Interpreters, CART Captioners & Assistive Listening Devices. Crazy is frequently used to discredit others and essentially gaslight them into thinking that they are burdensome in some way. Image description: Example of the word "crazy" with alternative words written around it e.g.

Please be mindful of how much you are speaking and if you are speaking over someone else. “They’ve been all over the place today, they’re such a schizo”, “You’re so lucky you get extra time on tests!”, “Oh you’re depressed? limp) and “creopere,” or someone that creeps (ie.

Everything You Need To Know About The Rolling Explorer’s 2020 HalloWeek Spooktacular! I wish I could use handicap parking”, “If you could cure your disability/disease would you?”, My son isn’t disabled he’s “Differently abled”. Through lack of access to public transit, through special education programs, and through forced institutionalization. HSI - Home. You take away their voice and their worth. Acknowledge that discrimination and oppression exists in many forms (e.g. It also does not mean that when a person is sad, they are already depressed. Shooting. Our next workshop in Tuesday, January 28thfor (Brief) History of Disability Activism & Disability Rights, Download Ableism 101 Part One presentation slides, Download Ableist words and terms to avoid, | Email: | Phone: 520.621.3268 | Fax: 520.621.9423, Information Security and Privacy Statement, Website developed by Student Admin Systems Group. You do not refer to someone who is organized and neat as OC. You will share some of your responses and thoughts about the guided questions with your partner for two minutes. ), and briefly why did you choose to take this workshop? You will be split into four groups, you will work together to briefly discuss each of the terms or phrases on your list. “Ugh I wish I had the discipline to be anorexic!”, “If I ever became disabled, I’d just have them pull the plug”, “wow you got to park so close! When You Don’t Love the Country You Live In. The links below are affiliate links, meaning, that at no extra cost to you, if you click through and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission. Who is allowed to immigrate to the U.S.? If you need to step out for this activity you are welcome to use one of the offices or to wait downstairs or outside. I guarantee that you use ableist language every single day without even realizing it. The instance this came up in was when I was playing a co-operative card game with some friends. And the reaches of ableism go far beyond those who we may understand as disabled or who may identify as disabled. Forced/Coerced sterilization: While sterilization laws have since been removed in most states in the U.S., disabled children and people are still coercively or forcibly sterilized, showing the prevalence of eugenics today. Looking at the current president: Ken Cuccinelli “‘They certainly are. They should build a ramp.”. We will share some of our responses and thoughts in a one-on-one discussion.

Something that cannot think or motivate itself in any capacity. The removal of “medical deferred action” program, Refusal of medical services and care to individuals who are detained or deported. There are many new and exciting things around the corner, so be sure to subscribe and follow my social media pages to be the first to know about them! Physical barriers: such as a lack of ramps, elevators, no sidewalks, no push-buttons for doors etc. Slide 23 Ableist Language Activity. What is Ableism? Retrieved July 15, 2020, from Invisibility of disability culture and community: disability rights history is not taught to many students, and there is little visibility of disability culture or disability pride movements. Essentially, you equate them to an object. Sabbing Angling. 5 to 10-minute break for stretching, bathroom break, brain break. This is functioning from a deficit perspective & from the medical model of disability. I’m a pretty sunny person ☀️But, I don’t h, I hate showing my stomach on the internet just lik, Feeling the freedom to be myself on this gloomy, s, Be you ✨ There are multiple ways to define ableism, here are a few examples: Many understand examples of oppression to only be an individual being unjust/oppressive/harmful toward another individual.

Some common terms are obsessive-compulsive (OC), bipolar, and depressed.

It is often said as a joke to someone who takes big risks or someone who is fearless. we inherently need an intersectional lens when viewing and discussing the impacts of ableism. Remember that these are mental illnesses that are diagnosed by medical professionals. © 2020 The Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of The University of Arizona.

Writer - Blogger - Content Creator - Model (Gamut) - Speaker - Digital Marketing - Advocate Employment rate & pay per hour: it is still legal in the U.S. to pay disabled people sub-minimum wage, and employment rates for disabled people (varies based on the specific disability) are still very high. Story lines often write disabled characters to be angry, difficult, a predator, a “super crip” aka someone who is disabled that is highly accomplished, or that they only want to be “cured”. What is shared in this space, stays here. Legal. He isn’t a villain.

Ableist Language To Avoid And Acceptable Alternatives – “Bonkers” Edition. Ableist language perpetuates the inferiority of people with disabilities. you should really try yoga”, “You wouldn’t believe the number of people at the airport who could get out of their wheelchair when it was time to board!”, “Wow someone forgot to take their meds today”. This action feeds into the stigmatization of mental illness and further isolates those who do have severe mental health conditions. Here on The Rolling Explorer, I am going to start questioning it.

The remote is right in front of you!”, “Ugh, I swear I am blind without my glasses!”. This is a learning environment and we are all constantly learning and (hopefully) trying to do better. Financial constraints of receiving benefits: additionally, that disabled people often have to choose between keeping their benefits or increasing their salary.

If you need a quiet space, we have two offices that you are welcome to use. Ableist language perpetuates the inferiority of people with disabilities. Accessible housing: there is a large lack of accessible housing options, especially affordable accessible housing options. Thank you for donating your time to my writing today. Mink Hunting. I'm just curious as to whats generally accepted. I’m already in a bad mood, anyways.

And it’s still ableist. The issue with “cripple” becomes painfully obvious once you place its original definition next to the ones that we, as a society, have crafted above.

We will be discussing ableist language, this means terminology and phrases that may be hurtful to hear.

Hunt Saboteurs Ireland. with a cross through words that are similar and still understood as ableist: deranged, nuts, mad, bananas, bonkers, insane. What have they taught you about the need to be productive and self-sufficient? Hare hunting. Aside from attacking the Pine Guard once.

New Saboteurs. The list goes on and that’s the sad truth. Aside from specific terms, there are also disorders that are used as descriptors which is obviously inappropriate and offensive. It is a system about profit, first and foremost, rather than ‘health,’ wellbeing and care. It's not ableist to acknowledge that blindness exists.) You can stand up, sit down, lay down, stretch, walk around, leave the room, stim, use your electronics as needed.

These are only some examples of terms that may be part of your everyday language because you are unaware that they are ableist. “Wow is that ref blind?” “Blind faith” “Blindly following” ”double blind review” etc. Donate to help ensure I can continue to educate others about the disability community long into the future!, Why Better Mental-Health Care Won’t Stop Mass Shootings, Why I Keep Doing Emotional Work, Even Though I Seem Fine, Mental health is a positive term, not a negative one. Prompt 1: How comfortable do you feel talking about disability? It is often said as a joke to someone who takes big risks or someone who is fearless. How comfortable do you feel talking to disabled people? Often disability is only conceptualized as a “loss-of-function,” a “lack,” or as abnormal and unnatural. Was there a specific question that stood out to you? However, with the increase of terms in the social media slang, ableism has become a more pressing issue. Welcome, this is the first session in our ableism 101 workshop series. Remember that it's still against the rules to complain about being downvoted - if you think someone's mass-downvoting posts or otherwise abusing the reputation system, DM a mod and we will take care of it. Precarity of ADA, ACA, Disability & Social Security: With laws, we need to realize that laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Affordable Care Act, and Disability and Social Security are all precarious and there are constant moves to weaken or remove these laws. What if Everything We Know About Fighting Depression Is Wrong? Due to how the cards were shuffled, an interesting scenario came up in our game.

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