I love our Creator and remain in awe of what he has done and will do in our lives. If you come a day too soon, the prodigal will always think, “With one more day, I would have figured out a way to solve my … God is working overtime for you on this day and many others!!! 14. There are several more examples I could give, but my point is this…YOUR PRODIGAL CANNOT GET YOU OFF OF HIS/HER MIND NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY FIGHT IT!

Allow God to be God in bringing your prodigal home to Himself, and home to you. Claim that. All Rights Reserved. His Word has direction for every situation you will ever face. If every stander could give God half as much time as they are giving their computer for a six month period, we would see marriages restored in droves. My first thought each time I, open something new is that I will never master everything in the, manual. Separation sometimes happens when one partner can not or will not see their own lives improve without the absence of the other partner.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. So I kept reading the cards and finally picked one, and then I began searching for a gift.

before Almighty God, and crying out to Him.

17. They also know that should the prodigal spouse never return, they remained obedient to God and His word and represented God's love for the sinner. Until then, I've put together a video for you to help stand for your marriage and continue to keep Faith in the Lord.

I blamed him for everything that was wrong in our marriage, and even felt that it was his fault that I had a NCP. But our God shows himself in glorious fashion and substance. We come home to praying spouses who have not set deadlines for God, nor for us. No matter what professional-sounding tag has been attached to your wayward spouse, the bottom line is that every husband or wife who has ever walked out on a marriage have all done so because of sin. Dig a bit deeper into the box and you will probably find, a quick start guide, with just enough information to get you, started using your new device. 20. Thank you so much for showing me a differnt perspective that I probably wouldn’t have recognized on my own. It is a hard fact that God is on your side. I cannot tell you how many times each month a person who is serious about standing tells us how they have “really blown it” with their Lord God, or with, their mate. As the one who has been abandon, the best hope for change in them is to begin by letting God change you. It is also about your family, your circle of influence, your future generations, and even people you may not even know who are silently following your example. For we are not unaware of his schemes.”   2 Corinthians 2:10-12. God has given to you, not to others, the assignment and the burden to stand with Him and to pray for your spouse.

Remember…we haven’t been able to hear Him for a long time, so we are confused. Our standers will keep typing out prayers online, and calling it devotional time, instead of getting on their face. God is the only way a prodigal spouse changes their minds and gives them the confidence to return home to their families first. It is not intended to answer all. Much, like a new printer, this is not the total manual, but a few tips, to both head you in the right direction, and to help you avoid, mistakes. Your beloved might have a sex, substance or selfishness problem.

For others, it is relocation to a distant. There must be no place for sin, in any form, in your life. Standing is not learned, nor is it mastered all at once. Do not be devastated if that happens.

That is God’s job, and not one for other humans. 5. One way or another, your prodigal will witness or hear about your changed lifestyle when you start looking to God alone to heal and to restore your marriage and family.

3. Before you say, “Nothing’s happening in my stand,” Charlyne and I would ask, “What’s happening in your prayer closet?”  If you have time on your hands, put them together in prayer. The gift we receive as soon as all evidence and accusations prove we don't deserve a another chance.

), 12. by Stephanie ... s Day and other holidays to speak to your prodigal’s heart, mind and spirit. Instead, they’ll keep limping along, typing, “You, won’t believe what he/she did now,” and the soliciting advice, not from God, but from online friends, many whom they have never seen face to face, and some of whom are not even who they claim to be. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

If I, as a prodigal spouse, had read some of the things about me that even good standers post all over the Internet today, I would have run the opposite.

The prodigal journey home is filled with false starts. God uses the same gift on the prodigal spouse as He does for the standing spouse. So for each of us, the timing of this gift is different, but it is already on the path of delivery. Be careful not to set stipulations for your prodigal’s return without first seeking God for His will.

No other human can tell you the exact day your prodigal will repent and come home. ( Log Out /  direction. YOU ARE ON THEIR MINDS…YOU ARE IN THEIR HEARTS…YOU ARE WHO THEY LOVE and GOD IS SHOWING IT TO THEM!!! Since some standers are addicted to the chat rooms and other online activities, I suspect that will never happen. There is Internet access in the pigpens of life also, and prodigals read the message boards and chat rooms–and additional damage is done to already troubled marriages. 22 Facts About Standing for your Prodigal, What the Bible teaches about Marriage and Remarriage, Standing on the Promises – When a Country is Falling. Their trust in God to restore the prodigal makes them ever so ready to joyously celebrate the prodigal’s return. The way you help us see things from a prodigal’s perspective is special. Proudly created with Wix.com.

He will understand them. God bless you and the entire FAMM family. It must become a way of life for you. We are forgiven and loved even after all the mistakes and missteps we've taken. Because of this, you must always look to God, and not to people for your support.

Live a holy life. Do not allow other hurting people to help “fix” your problems. But I shrugged that off again and my counter attack was that my NCP loved me way more, and treated me far better. The words and actions that hurt you today are those of the Enemy, and not your spouses’s. That way of life is living like Jesus did. I can remember clearly during my own prodigal days how God talked to me.

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