There could be any number of reasons why this is taking place.

I received a Necchi 539 in very sad shape. It is from a Kenmore model 158.19412 and it is common to many Kenmores. If not, I suspect the the spring is bent. Taking apart a Kenmore involves step by step one at a time work and placing the parts in an order that reminds you where they go when it is time to put them back together. I’m Sarah with Every once in a while, the sewing machine's timing needs adjustment simply because the machine was used. I'm so glad I found your blog, it has excellent information!! The local sewing machine doctor seemed unable to cure my 158.18022's tension problems, but you have provided the remedy with this tutorial. Some of the same culprits may be at fault here as well. Vintage All Metal Sewing Machines – Expanding the Horizon, Singer “Black” Sewing Machine Paint Chip Repair – What you NEED to Know.

I’m glad that it was a simple fix. I bought a Kenmore 158.1350 + cabinet at a garage sale and it works, but the tension assembly is very wobbly. Now I know my tension assembly is missing the wavy washer. In proper adjustment, the spring will rest with no tension at the point the sewing needle just touches the fabric under the foot. The first thing to do is to clean the area and your sewing machine. Holding the post with the large slot of the post facing horizontal (not up), slide the spring onto the back end of the post. There are so many different styles of tension assemblies. This repair job is best left up to a professional to do as they have the right tools to make the hook reconnect. These are primarily what we’re going to be talking about today. Here is the tension mechanism we are working on.

Primitive Applique and using buttonhole embroidery stitch to achieve it by Deloris Pickens, Side Roads to the Buttonholer Rabbit Hole. To buy a new tension unit, visit us online at Now, let’s go over a few troubleshooting tips to think about. Restoring a Vintage 1956 Singer Model 221 “Featherweight”, Restoring an Antique Victorian 1894 Singer Model 15-30 Sewing Machine, Restoring a “Pink Atlas” Precision Straight Stitch Sewing Machine, A Comparison of Any New Plastic Sewing Machine to Any Quality Vintage All Metal Sewing Machine – In One Sentence, Reconditioning a Vintage All Metal Kenmore Model 158.19412 Convertible Sewing Machine, A Tutorial – Kenmore Upper Tension Assembly… How to Disassemble and Reassemble It the Right Way, Reconditioning a Vintage All Metal Morse R5L “Super Dial” Straight Stitch Sewing Machine, Repairing Singer Decals? The needles hit the metal plate below the fabric and crack off.

Her interests have always been in sync with mine, but spending so much free time with her, I realized how broad her talents are! Note that the crown on the nut faces the machine. If this was a perfect world nothing would go wrong. The tension assembly should sit in the machine so that only the dial turns. This sewing how-to video demonstrates how to properly adjust the tension knob on a vintage Kenmore sewing machine. Don't ask. There are many different types of tension units. To remove the assembly, you need to open the front cover on the sewing machine’s nose…, Loosening the small set screw shown behind the cover will allow the assembly to be removed from the machine. Yes. Vintage All Metal Sewing Machines – How Good are They?

I've had many apart, and every time, I screw them up and have to put them back together 15 different ways before I get them right! Your step by step with all parts is what I need before starting on mine. Position the plastic number dial with the “0” at the red mark, the small bent tab will fit into a small slot on the back of the number dial at the 6 o’clock position. But, even if it's slightly wrong, it seems to be working! This post helped me tremendously!!! But I followed your instructions where applicable and it worked like a charm!!! The topic here is a Kenmore tension assembly, but the process can be generally applied to most any class 15 bobbin Japanese made machine.
Now I just need to go back and readjust my tensions after having everything apart a dozen times.

Good luck. Tighten the cup set screw. Picked up an old sewing machine and the tension adjuster was totally wrong. Simply tighten your screw and you’re good to go. The second row of parts shown are the parts that are removed in this order…, Everything behind the thread guide plate is captured by the loop end of the tension spring. Please confirm that the spring is operating smoothly with the tensioner open and closed.
If it is misaligned, needs repositioning, missing, or broken, you should replace the spring. Looking at the cup, you should see a small mark on the cup left by the set screw that held it in the machine. Exactly what I needed to verify that I did reassemble and adjust my tensioner correctly and that that does not seem to be my whole problem. Remove all of the parts associated with the tension control knob… up to the beehive spring retainer nut.

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