Check to see if any problems are fixed before loading the saved config from file. Glad you do though. I wanted an AC access point - I figured like most wireless routers I could disable the router and run it as an access point. Not sure how, but it did. ‎08-20-2014 You would set the same SSID and wireless password as the Technicolor has onto the WRT1900AC for both bands, except you wouldn't want them running on the same channel. I was told by Linksys support to place it in bridge mode, but I'm trying to figure out if that will cause the WAP to connect to the router wirelessly instead of obtaining connectivity through the ethernet. I don't recommend cascading in a WRT1900AC with Linksys firmware in a LAN to LAN configuration. The main Linksys router can't control the secondary Linksys router. Linksys support said I needed to put it in bridge mode, but that didn't sound right since the description says it uses one of the wireless bands to link to the upstream router. I disabled DHCP and NAT when I started. For this type of network setup, you will need to cascade the Linksys router LAN to LAN to your main router. You would set the same SSID and wireless password as the Technicolor has onto the WRT1900AC for both bands, except you wouldn't want them running on the same channel. Please help!

Step 5: 08:51 AM, Review this and this should help you configure the router as a wired AP:

‎07-02-2014 I've been able to set the PC IPV4 to sub: and gateway to. What am I missing? I have the device hardwired to the ethernet.

Reload or Update the FW using IE or FF. ‎11-24-2014 I thought I was going crazy. Access the setup (Linksys Smart WiFi) page of the Linksys router. I have the device hardwired to the ethernet. Under device settings, I named it livingroomap but when I tried to specify for my IP address, it would instead assign it outside my subnet (it was assigning 176.180.x.x). Just download the FW file to your local wired LAN PC.4. The latest firmware was not working at all... Ie no connectivity. 08:05 AM Here are the steps I usually use in setting up Linksys router as an access point for another router: Note: You can only cascade the Linksys router(as an access point) by connecting it hardwired(ethernet) to the main router. Disable all features accept for Wireless.

I can get a minimal access point functionality by configuring a static address (instead of bridge) and with firmware 1.1.7.xx but the other wired ports were unable to get to the wan. But I figured that since my main router has the.

Unplug and re-plug the modem and router. Thank you for reporting this. 12:51 PM.

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