Ok, so I found these bugs: Or is this a bug only I am getting? If u can thay would be superior. can you add maybe another addon that can overlay this, addon: the addon that im asking is like this addon but for CATS, Dude, there already is a cat one. we aren’t on a realms server. i love this modpack and my favorite so far. I am working on a minecraft bedrock edition modpack and were wondering if I could use this amazing addon for it. Bowls – you’d have to fill them up with pork chops or something, and they could go eat when their health is down. Sometimes you can forget time to time, If the spawn eggs are blacked out its most likely your other add-ons same problem happend to me then i removed a addon that i guess was causing the problem and it got fixed, you either don’t have 1.12 or you forgot to put on Experimental gameplay, hope this helped ya’ll. To remove a wolf bed, punch it. Plz add recipe books.

Capable of being milked with empty bucket, similar to cows. Is there any specific way I need to place it or…? Note that at this time there are some wolves that are incompatible with this treat. Thank you for this opportunity to have these new wolves! [Optional] Milk Wolf doesnt attack and will flee, gives speed buff to player when fleeing. Ice Dragon Wolves have the ability to fire rapid bursts of ice that strike targets over and over and over. Would be a cool addition imo, I tried to install but it said no valid zip archive, I’m not sure if this is intended, but is the hazard suit supposed to stop damage from lava?

I made a wolf bed and tried to place it, but ended up eating it instead… wat. Zombie wolves are broken. When you import the .mcaddon file, you’ll now receive a few packs instead of just one: This allows you to pick and choose what new wolves you want to use from the add-on. Good add on, but the clicker and the dragon treat aren’t working for my multiplayer server, except from that evertything is good (apart from the bed and toys). I want to start off by saying I love this addon, it’s so rare to see addons for bedrock that overhaul wolves. Thanks for the info. Crimson fungi increases the fierceness of the wolf, giving it more speed and power. Can you add Cerberus as a pet (Cerberus is a three headed dog) please. You have to either craft them, or use the give command. . Could u explain how to get the treats? Hopefully this is fixed soon or there was a step i missed while installing. But maybe the bed would be possible since villagers can do it, What the fuck it completely does not work. This add-on also now includes armor for tamed wolves! Many of the new wolves spawn in the overworld in different biomes, but certain ones also appear in the Nether and the End.

As far as I can tell, this is a Minecraft bug (see zombie piglins). I hope you enjoy it! Cupid wolf: Sponsors. Doggy Talents is a mod made by: Percivalalb, SimonMeskens, and XNovaViperX. They can use magic to help you regenerate and they can use magic to make mobs confused. Nether Hounds have a symbiotic interaction with the crimson and warped forests – if a blaze wolf steps into a crimson/warped forest, the forest will eventually begin to grow on them (literally), giving the fungi a way to travel & spread as it gives beneficial effects to the wolf. Because of the above Realms issue, Wolf Beds are not usable on Realms in survival mode at the moment. This wolf’s eyes glow like an Enderman’s eyes do, but it doesn’t have a problem with being looked at. It makes wolves to be trained dogs and adds new talent and training systems.

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