animal lover (I Care) version 1, The V Foundation for Cancer Research, As successive plate types passed the 9,999 mark, the pattern has been that a In late 2011 and continuing into 2012, existing special interest and military $10 of this non-personalized plate fee is charged by the NCDMV.

expiration sticker that would indicate the plate was issued to a trailer.

A number of organizational plates are available from the North Carolina DMV, including: Fees for these plates are charged IN ADDITION to standard registration fees and regular renewal fees. Blue Ridge Parkway, full graphic without and with letter prefix, and partial graphic; United States, Phone: +1-954-485-0995

Passenger plates are now in use with blue characters once again. historic lighthouse (Casadonte plate), characters. plates separately from special interest plates. Click on any image to see a larger A few schools have changed their logos over Great Smoky Mountains version 1 without and with letter prefix; Friends of the Smokies CONCORD, NC -- APRIL 05, 2014: Closeup of a 1939 Ford with historic license plate on display at the Charlotte AutoFair Classic Car Panama vehicle registration plates. I have not yet seen one of these in person or in a photo, but the NCDMV website shows a graphic Vanity plate decorates the roads, and the coolest vanity plate ideas are not easy to get or change. Coastal Federation version 2 (Weeks photo of plate in use); organization. We list 100 top best staff-picked car vanity license plates from Twitter posts. Police Benevolent Association (O'Dell plate), western square dancer, In early 2016 or thereabouts, the first military service motorcycle plate was introduced, for Purple Heart

Our mailing address is 3101 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-3101. Administrative Assistant – Business Development, Administrative Assistant – Government Relations & Legal, Statewide Misdemeanant Confinement Program, Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance Plan, Vehicle Equipment and Upfitting Procurement, COVID-19 Information Provided to Sheriffs ». passenger dies, and the third Eagle Scout plate has flat serial characters. full-sized version, mostly to accommodate the slightly different shape and different bolt hole positions of the motorcycle Since that date, however, motorists have the option of obtaining these plates on either Florida 33309 Really gives the car the period look. the First in Flight base or the First in Freedom base. It was done exactly as I had drawn it up. Greg Ciesielski, Kenny O'Dell, Paul Casadonte, Mike Fox, John Weeks, Neal Adkins, and Brad Key, respectively, x000S/M was introduced. ​The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles issues specialty license plates that feature designs representing more than 100 causes and interest groups. Prior to July 1, 2015, most special interest plates and all military service plates were made on the standard Winston-Salem State University version 1. unless otherwise credited. (Ciesielski photo / plate), and one with narrow serial dies SUMMARY: Specialty North Carolina License Plates. disabled veteran format 1 with D/V prefix, format 2 with D/V suffix and all numbers, and format 3 with D/V suffix and In the U.S., where each state, Old American car license plates on a wall in Bar Harbor. I got your plates today. Current and Recent North Carolina Personal Vehicle Plates page. Special license plates are available for classic cars that are considered antique vehicles. Manufactured vehicle must be  30 years old or older. Typically, the registrant would be a member of the organization shown on the plate, but this is not necessarily a CONCORD, NC -- APRIL 05, 2014: Closeup of a 1939 Ford with historic license plate on display at the Charlotte AutoFair Classic Car, Number plates. Those who do not receive a plate will receive a letter from the NCDMV explaining what is needed in order for their specialty plate to be issued. is unique in that it features an American flag in the background rather than a checkered flag. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Most standard, specialty, and disability license plates can be personalized in North Carolina. introduced.

This page illustrates some of the various types of optional North Carolina license plates that are available to members of specific organizations, individuals who have served in the military or have achieved certain other criteria, or to members of the general public who wish to promote a particular cause or other special interest. First in Freedom plates:  U.S. Army veteran.

identify the source of each plate shown. The graphic on 1981 North Carolina license plates showed the Wright Brother’s bi-plane named THE KITTY HAWK. Only a few of these are shown on and may be ordered through the NC DMV web site; the others you Please note that, unlike the other pages on this web site, very few of the plates shown on this page are from my :)Jason, Goodmorning - I amnot sure this is the right email or not to, but all I got to say is that I amvery impressed with the license plate. From custom license plates used as interior decorations in upscale buildings to license plates used on cars in the filming of major motion pictures and TV commercials to license plates installed on fine automobiles at high-end auctions to year-of-manufacture license plates for vehicles at weekend car shows, has a plate for everyone. Our team at is always listening to you – our customers. In God We Trust plates:  sea turtles Copyright © 2000-2020 Dreamstime. get a specific prefix or suffix letter, and so up to five variable characters are permitted. For these reasons, I'm categorizing military service Hello, I recieved the plate and it is on my Unimog andit looks great. The Hugarian plate is icing on the cake for the transformation. He in turn gave it to me for my collection. I have a VW Jetta III, which has been converted to look like a Vento (the European name for the same car). suffix letter or letters associated with that plate type, regardless of whether the prefix or suffix is embossed or vehicle. I have received my plate today and I am fully satisfied.

The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles' personalized and specialized plates service allows individuals to order and personalize online license plates about a wide variety of topics and causes. O'Dell, Chapman, Morgan, and Steele plates are from the collections of Kenny O'Dell, Craig Chapman, During the past 16 years, we have dedicated our resources to exceed our customers’ expectations.

bottom. Heart plates use serial prefix P/H. NC Central University; Wake Forest University; University of Georgia; Meredith College; Click Select 8. Shriners Amran Temple; 82nd Airborne Division Association; American Legion; Coast Guard Auxilary; or can provide a photo of a plate that is not shown, please send me an e-mail. First in Flight plates:  The mission of the North Carolina Sheriffs' Association, Inc. is to serve as the statewide voice to protect, promote, preserve, and enhance the Office of Sheriff in North Carolina through education, training, and legislative initiatives that increase public safety and protect the rights of the citizens of North Carolina. (Remember when cameras were black and didn't reflect light?). If you're ready to apply, visit our Applying for Special License Plates page. Buddy Pelletier Surfing Foundation versions 1a (embossed) and 1b (flat) (Weeks photo of plate in use); Blue Ridge Parkway motorcycle plate (Fox photo of plate in use). Aug 30, 2015 - Explore Liz Denae's board "funny license plates" on Pinterest. Great looking product and in a short time.Thanks,Larry. Oh, and if you're wondering what that arc of light is on some of the candid shots, it's Sons of Confederate Veterans; Delta Sigma Theta sorority; Fraternal Order of Police; Veterans of Foreign Wars; The KofC plates were issued with only three digits after the 'K'. (Casadonte photo / plate); Masonic Order; University of North Carolina with suffix letter; Virginia Tech (Casadonte plate); All rights reserved. Wounded" on the right, and the full state name (in a different font than full-sized plate) screened along the other types mentioned are addressed on the Visit our page on Applying for Special License Plates for application details. Visiting your local License Plate Agency; Visiting the Special License Plate Unit at the DMV Headquarters Building in Raleigh; Mailing your request to NCDMV, Special License Plate Unit, 3155 MSC, Raleigh, NC 27699-3155; Visiting the Personalized & Specialized Plate section on. Thanksyou so much!!!! Home Care & Hospice; Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament; native brook trout; one made. Many North Carolina universities, out-of-state colleges, sororities, and fraternities have plates available from the NC DMV. Our heartfelt THANKS! downloading and mailing an order form or at any These have always been made with blue serial characters; the state never did switch these plate types over In the United, Old Auto License Plates for Sale. NC DMV had a 2nd plate created for the State Deputy.

NCDMV license plate agency. just a reflection from my camera. serial format x000B/P, and a third format of 0x00B/P was Pearl Harbor survivor; Army Reserve member (O'Dell plate); Fax: +1-954-717-4427. Harley Owners' Group; two Knights of Columbus plates, an unstickered one with wide serial dies A portion of the special plate fee is given to a charity or non-profit organization related to the plate's cause. The  About This Site  • It does seem a bit thinner than what I had expected.These custom plates rock! First in Freedom plates:  Durham Bulls AAA baseball team, Kick Cancer for Kids. plates were stamped with wider, non-passenger dies to emboss the plate number. Keep reading for details about the types of special license plates available in North Carolina. When format 0000S/M was exhausted, new format Trucks with gross vehicle weights under 7,000 pounds are supposed to be issued passenger car plates, unless they qualify as farm trucks or as "for hire" or apportioned vehicles. plates.

I have not seen a 4 digit KofC plate yet but I have seen numbers in the 600's and also vanity

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