"Slap handcuffs on me, take me to custody and look at my BALLS BATTY AND DICK. hide. hide. Ha yh this is a harder one to describe. Kelvins Coffin is up der for me, mad disrespectful but cant lie cold still, E1 x Zeds - Just the Beginning (response to Kelvins Coffin), Any Young Dizz tune (Drill and Repent, Smokey things), The reuploaded music vid re-enacts tewizz’s death, I know its not drill but anything by casisdead honestly, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. More specifically, 'banter' refers to jestful and light-hearted conversations with your mate, with jokes and all that.

Rudest lyrics in drill (Young Dizz,CB and Horrid1 banned) DISCUSSION "He aint touched no Opps he's telling lies with my eyes i've seen man cry" will always be rude to me . Mum kept shedding tears someone tell her, I dont give a fuck that her son aint here. If memory serves, it became a more popular term after Tempa T's song Next Hype, with encouragement from the rest of his songs, brands, and of course younger communities propagating it.

save. This is coming from a Londoner. (Actually, I also watched a LOT of U.K. series and movies) if you don’t understand most U.K. Archived.

Posted by 1 year ago. In the context of drill music, gangs will obviously aim to offend other gangs with jokes about them, so I can understand how 'banter' can be interpreted as regular talk, e.g.

Both perfectly captured their drill influences along with the road slang and politics of south London, producing a hybrid this has yet to be equalled or topped. Things get pretty heated during the 1011 crib session. I saw a song on the socials a few months ago and there was a line about "if I see his mum I'll spit in her face and if I find where he's buried I'll piss on his grave". Maddest drill lyrics you've ever heard?

Or kelvins coffin. Not too different from drill gang members and their blocks and circumstances, really. Dead - Karma & Trizzac. We have collected more than 10,000 lyric. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

Rudest lyrics in drill (Young Dizz,CB and Horrid1 banned) DISCUSSION.

Stand up beat and stand up lyrics. mad up for all the work on this cheat sheet. A subreddit dedicated to UK drill music, culture and news.

And I was laughing when I saw the pic of her mum just bury her kid. Close. Join. You can learn one just as easily as the other. (i.e: Kentnizzy, G-Smarko, Bis).

Borrowing from the sound cultivated by the likes of Chief Keef, King Louie, Young Chop and others in Chicago in the early 2010s, the rampant, energetic and domineering sound, characterised by trap tales and ominous, aloof MCs, has infiltrated London’s streets, with a new generation of rappers making it hard to ignore.

... “WTF Drill bars” ... All about UK Drill music and news. Common models include the Astra, Corsa, and Vectra, so you might hear these used in UK songs. Young dizz's verse on smokey things. And his squad Harlem Spartans – serious production and catchy rhymes.”, “Yeah team raw from south London also!

16 comments. Typically refers to broken or sawn-off shotguns (bruckshot). save.

Reekz has to be one of the hardest drill rappers!”, “R6 is from the younger 67 camp, the beat on this one is crazy and was produced by Carns Hill, who produces a lot of 67 stuff.

UK drill uses slang. 'Washed' can be synonymous with 'rinsed', which can generally be used for any overused/referenced topics, like news but also things like insults or songs.

ten toesing when you see police.

DISCUSSION. Press J to jump to the feed. Literally any CB track. 22.4k. I also speak both, perfectly accented, daily.

share. Shit-den - equivalent to "ah fuck" or "oh shit", Smoke - beef, conflict (as in gun smoke) or weed, Spinner, spin, spinny, spin ting - revolver, Uh-uhn - head, oral sex and/or used to bleep out word/name that can be used as evidence against you, Wahn fi da yute - what’s goin on with these kids, Wasteman - loser, waste of space, useless, Yardi* - usually old-school Jamaican gangsters and dealers, I thought samurai meant a regular knife for a while but blanco got locked for a literal katana among other things so idk now.

“V9 too devilish, ching mans dog for backing his owner.”, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. LD killed this one.”, “This one’s got the family on here and lets everybody know the deal about 67. I'm lying, I just saw the pic of him dying.

Just enter a topic below and I'll have a team of rappers dispatched to write lyrics …

It causes a lot of commotion in the clubs, mosh pits and everything! Posted by 1 year ago. The quality of it depends on the dealer, though, but usually it's not too bad but not as great as the more fancier strains and all that. Documentary - LDN - A documentary about emerging UK Rap ft. 67, Reeko Squeeze, Reekz MB, Fredo & More. 12 UK Drill Rappers You Should Be Listening To In 2019. share. As such, they're pretty involved in the investigations, arrests, and persecutions of gang members. @globaldrillas. Archived. A subreddit dedicated to UK drill music, culture and news. If i don’t know the word, I look at the surrounding words to determine its meaning. The absolute disrespect is worse than any violent shit I've heard.

Rv on ganging - "How many times have i touched them kids the whole opp blocks been molested", Wagwan for battyman still echos in my head from time to time , A6 Black box, man said he shanked his own mum, "Shanked man's mum outside of her house in Penge, then I went next door and billed it", His friend never got no corn how can I be so inconsiderate ❄️❄️❄️, ‘Yb’s been cheffed like a 100 times Can I speak to a referee That point don’t count It’s below the knee’ AM, attempted 1.0, And if I knew where Vaguez was lying I'll back my dick on his grave (my willy), Teewizz got splashed and died, and I don’t feel sorry for his mum, D Sav is a fucking nonce, so will you hide your daughter please, Tragedy, young dizz got bun and shaved, I guess he just lost some calories, Any of the fuckin v9 too devilish bars but “V9 too devilish kidnap yutes and watch em do coke” had me shook like scooby, Half of them are shit tbh ever since he’s forced them never as good, There’s a series of videos on YouTube that’s literally just this thread but you hear the songs.

I learned it the same way I learned the US Trap slang. 3 January 2019, 12:05 | Updated: 16 July 2019, 17:10. Sort of. report.

with bars like "What's all the banter about, chef man up when that rambo's out."

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Made up of LD, Liquez, Monkey, Dimzy and ASAP, nothing has been the same since their In Skengs We Trust project last year, and the undeniable Giggs-assisted ‘Let’s Lurk’.

Pree* - to check somebody out, typically a girl.

Oh shit that would've been tragic. Obo (or obbo) means observation. I've got some amendments for you.

67: “Young Teflon been doing his thing for a while now and this tune is hard!

Welcome to the Lyric Generator. A subreddit dedicated to UK drill music, culture and news. Drill music is easily one of the most popular strands in UK rap. https://genius.com/Rap-genius-uk-slang-dictionary-annotated <- been working on this for some more in depth explanations. This definition would be correct, but 'lick' can be used more generically, although it is typically used in the context of drugs. You know you can start a new line with the enter key, right? Worth mentioning that the guys are really just saying "tune" here, but our accents can make it difficult to hear that. I think you mean 'pree' here, which is to check somebody out, typically a girl. I’m from the smallest state in America and I recently put a friend on to U.K.

A subreddit dedicated to UK drill music, culture and news. 'Shit den' would equate to "ah fuck", "oh shit" or any sort of phrase said in awe, bewilderment, or disbelief. Hopefully ppl from where the slang originates lol, Batty - butt, ass (or gay as in ‘batty boy’), Chune-up - an assault (beat up) (tune-up), Dash, dasheen - run away from conflict/police, Drillin, Drillaz- honestly, if you don’t know you shouldn’t be here reading this, Head-top - mans head, shot in head (headtopped), K - kill, adding a k at the end of ones name means murder beef, KMT - kiss my teeth US says ‘sucking teeth’, Kwef, Kweffin, kwefed - violence, assault, Lighty - black gyal of a light complexion, Manna man - male person but usually third person, Neek - nerd + geek, not a drilla, not on road, not active, Obo, Ob* - short for observation - covertly monitored by the police, Pagan - non believer, snake, two faced person, Par - offense, generally any sort of misfortune, Peak - climactic point or bad (see comments).

This is a pretty good list mate, especially since you're American-born. Drill music and he said, “I like this sound but I can’t really understand what they’re saying.” This wasn’t the first time I heard this. 100% Upvoted. Ever since her son got dropped, the whole op block aint done shit. Ammi usually refers to a very popular strain of weed here called Amnesia. This thread is archived.

Abras daily duppy, Moscow march then lean more like moscow march then bleed, "If a boy try run and I catch him, I'll kill him I don't give a fuck" Horrid1, "Last time I saw you I had a Mac, shoulda blew your heart out your back" Scribz/LD, "If I knew where Vaguez was lying I'd back my dick on his grave" Box12, "I shanked man's mum outside of her house on penge" A6, "The gun even jammed when I shot, so i aimed it at his mum instead" Young Dizz, How can man say Dizz and Huncho are banned and he still puts them on , “Grease it up and rub it down cah we ain’t tryna die like Latz” “I don’t smoke but if o did I’d be smoking on a GB pack”, "Where's Lampost (Lampz) I can't find him, I'm lying I just saw a pic of him dying" - OFB Next UP (SJ), swear it about that camden yute than got cheffed by boogie b hence 3boogie b hes very amibitious in spillings 2.0, it also cus the footage came of him getting killed a week before the vid so i might not be him but im sure its him, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Drill Lyrics: The search has claimed that social media is being used increasingly by gangs, to provoke each other and could be responsible for a … help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. 'Dippers' can serve as an alias for drillers too.

In drill songs it's commonly used in reference to girls, but also as an insult to opps who are called out for obsessively preeing the artist, and this is typically followed up with a homophobic retort. Vauxhall, more specifically, is a common economy car manufacturer in the UK. i did actually know a lot of this info but tried to keep the definitions brief and just enough that Americans understand the bars (ppl have short attention spans too), ..I caught that CAS reference too on 'lick'. big up on the adjustments tho. Rude Drill Songs This list is comprised of songs that can be regarded as “rude” and I will try include the uncensored versions of the songs: Kelvins Coffin (NPK)


R6 going for the young g’s.”, “One of the biggest drill tracks out of south London – this one is proper! Cmon guys - I know you got that grisly shit for me.

"Teewhizz got splashed and died and I don't feel sorry for his Mum" the way they all join in, Skeamer (OJB) x Mayhem Uptop x M24 (150) x Young Dizz this is different, as well as Olympic Chinging, "they took 2 of my tunes down.

Press J to jump to the feed. DISCUSSION. TL;DR - U.K. music is still the English language, there shouldn’t be a language barrier. Look out for this guy.”, “One of our biggest tracks!

Yardies are usually old-school Jamaican gangsters and dealers. 24. you're a savage. In drill songs it's commonly used in reference to girls, but also as an insult to opps who are called out for obsessively preeing the artist, and this is typically followed up with a homophobic retort.

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