PLEASE HELP ME- this is one of the issues I have even waiting to pull the trigger on a dillion 650xl- I can uy regular rifle ammo and regular pistol ammo cheap enough. EX: They say the 30 cal handgun provides 783 ft. lbs of energy at the muzzle and 622 ft. lbs at 50 yards.

I've done a little research on the various forums, some guys love theirs and some say theirs is a POS. From a four-inch (102 mm) barrel, it launched the standard GI ball projectile at 1,277 ft/s (389 m/s), producing an average group of 4.18 inches (106 mm) at 25 yards (23 m); the military decided not to adopt the revolver.

You can get some impressive results out of it because of the strength of the gun. The M1 carbine was issued to infantry officers, machine gun, artillery and tank crews, paratroopers and other line-of-communications personnel in lieu of the larger, heavier M1 Garand.

I then went out and bought a shirt to put them in, (my joke at the time) I loved that gun but some years later had to sell it because I was broke.

The trigger pull is short, crisp, and light — just as one would expect from a single-action revolver. The Blackhawk is a solid, quality pistol, and fit is, in general, excellent — with one notable exception; two of the chambers in my Blackhawk’s cylinder seem to be slightly tighter than the others, as they start sticking earlier — and become stickier — than the others. No recoil at all, but whopping muzzle velocities in the 2500 f/s range using 12 grains of H110. I want a .223 revolver! But they are so few in number that no general conclusion can be drawn from them. A standard .30 Carbine ball bullet weighs 110 grains (7.1 g); a complete loaded round weighs 195 grains (12.6 g) and has a muzzle velocity of 1,990 ft/s (610 m/s), giving it 967 ft⋅lbf (1,311 joules) of energy when fired from the M1 carbine's 18-inch barrel. There was nothing wrong with them per se, but I have rather large hands, and the original grips were too thin for my taste. And the experiment seemed to work out for Colt, as they went on to release versions of the Peacemaker in both the .38-40 and .32-20 Winchester rifle cartridges as well. * Older Glock® magazines that feature only one magazine latch slot may still be used with the PC Carbine™, but the magazine release button must remain on the left side of the rifle as shipped from the factory. I'm reaching out to the knowledge base here for some help in looking for a rifle I have some interest in. In 1944, Smith & Wesson developed a hand-ejector revolver to fire .30 Carbine. When I bought this gun, I was a newbie to the Colt Single Action-style grip. I use rifle ammo in mine basically because it’s the easiest to get. If it were a Taurus then there would be four things I don’t want about loud 30 carbine old-school revolver. Since then, others (AMT’s Automag III, Taurus’ brief flirtation with the Raging Thirty) have come and gone, while the .30 Carbine Blackhawk is still available today.

That’s right a lot longer that you have been around. I sure wouldn’t want to get hit with one. The .30 Carbine was developed from the .32 Winchester Self-Loading used in an early semi-auto sporting rifle. But for a blast (pun intended) at short range, it’s worth a try. Very convenient. I do know a few others that are good, and would recommend, the James River M1 is a good rifle, also the fulton armory M1 is good. © 2019 Hinterland Outfitters, Inc. All rights reserved. Anything with nearly 1/2 inch holes running through it lets in lots of fresh air. I would love to hear and expert tell me the holy grail of their AMT 6 5/8 Automag III and the load I can use to make the seas part – the 45wm has 1:16 twist as measured today with my cleaning rod – 255GR JHP coming out of it at 6 5/8 inches?

In fact when laying prone to shoot I literally felt the concussion at almost the same time as I heard the sound.
Continue reading to find out all about the history and recommended uses of the .30 Carbine. The level of detail and history makes for good reading regardless of how lame the firearm is in real life. Plenty of people use rifle primers (harder primer cups) and exceed recommended powder charges in their Blackhawks. Say someone with out much clue. 30 Carbine, Semi-Automatic, 18", Walnut w/Folding Wire Stock, Black Finish, 1... Inland Manufacturing M1 Carbine Para Trooper Rifle | ILM150, 30 Carbine, Semi-Automatic, 18", Walnut w/Folding Wire Stock, Black Finish, 15+1 Rds, 30 Carbine, Semi-Automatic, 16.25", Walnut Stock, Black Finish, 15+1 Rds, Inland Manufacturing M1 Jungle Carbine Rifle | ILM170. CNC-machined from an aerospace-grade 7075-T6 aluminum billet, the receiver includes an integrated Picatinny-style† rail and is Type III hard-coat anodized for maximum durability. The hammer, interestingly enough, is only blued on the top — the sides are left as bare shiny steel — and the trigger is also unblued. However, due to reduced clearance between the top of the receiver and the bottom of the optics rail, optics and optic mounts that extend more than .275" below the top of the rail may not fit the PC Carbine™. Might have been a great round but the dust bin of history is the 327 not the still in production 30 Carb! The gun is very easy to clean — and a good thing too, as it needs to be cleaned rather often. (This is a reader-submitted review as part of our gun review contest. Underwood M1 Carbine 16" Barrel Early Flip Sight all Matching Parts 1943 One 15 Round Magazine (B8990-18) - .30 Carbine $1,799.99 0 $1,799.99 4d 6h 38m No damage to her, but we were told not to bring that gun back in there. 30 Carbine, Semi-Automatic, 16.25", Polymer/Textured Wood Stock, Black Finish... Inland Manufacturing M1 Scout Carbine Rifle | ILM160. I am, admittedly, not exactly a stellar shot, but I shoot the .30 carbine Blackhawk better than any other pistol I’ve ever fired — which list includes a SIG, and a pair of nice Smith & Wessons. This post is about the 30 carbine – forget the AMT part except that it is 1:16 twist rate and so is 45WM and I need help with that load too. It went through 1,232 rounds without incident. . Shop online for the best selection and prices of 30 Carbine rifles at Hinterland Outfitters. I paid $397.00 plus tax, up in Prescott, Arizona. I went with an auto ordnance aom130 as a companion to my black hawk 30 carbine revolver. The trigger is great, and the recoil could hardly be more comfortable. echoes our commitment to these principles as we work hard to deliver quality and Going from memory a Desert Eagle comes in at a few oz lighter than this tank.

The 41 mag and 44 mag provide more punch than the 30 cal but I already have a 30 cal M1 Carbine so the ammo is in the house already. in America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product Overall, the .30 Carbine revolver is a very good secondary weapon for the hunt. And as always the gi, quality, inland, saginaw, rockola, ibm, all original rifles are good. I really like the 30 carbine cartridge. The M1 and M2 carbines continued in service during the Korean War. .QUOTE].

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