on for 15 minutes every 3 hours or so. It takes right at 30 days to freeze that air passage to where I notice ice deterioration. The reason the frequency of freeze up accelerates from annual to bi-weekly is the first time the ice maker is removed the coil has to be bent downward, which breaks the seal of the styrofoam around the coil. Very helpful - thanks for all the info. I spent way to much money on this refrigerator to have to buy bagged ice. UPDATE 1-17-16: The Samsung Ice Maker has failed again. Not likely unless one finds that the ice maker becomes flooded or water drips from it.- I would rather think in the circulating fan failing to move air around to dry everything.

There's nothing in the bottom of the freezer compartment or the floor!

Same problem just stopsWorking. He ordered the part and replaced it. We weren't able to find any results for your search.

Anybody know if there's an easy way just to replace the ice maker unit as a whole and have all the defects resolved? 19 In Stock. We are having the same problem with our Samsung French door refrigerator. The design is very compact, takes up little space - like 1/2 the volume of our old ice maker. Manual defrost of fresh food and freezer compartments (fd) Cancel (display goes completely dark) ... You guys helped me fix the ice maker dripping and freezing-over problem on a Samsung RF24FSEDBSR. Rf28hmedbsr/aa Here. “fd” is the one you want. It appears that there was a class action lawsuit and Sumsung put out a service bulletin to replace the ice maker. I do have an extended warranty through Sears and they have tried multiple times to fix the issue but it always happens again. Any ideas welcome.I would also like to know if the class action suit applies to Canada too. No charge whatsoever. It tells you how to defrost your ice maker using the front panel.A funny update: I received a letter in the mail from Samsung last week letting me know my 1 year warranty was up and asking if I'd like to extend my warranty. And you could see that the ice was not really frozen, and a bit wet.Now it has minimal with frost. This fridge is a pos. Way too many posts to read. I went through giving them all my information three times and still NOTHING happened. number asc20170602002 dated 5 24 17. I've done most of this stuff and finally got into a routine of defrosting it every week.

Finally I explained the situation to Geek Squad and they ordered all possible parts right then and there so they were already at my house when the repair guy showed up. Due to the amount of inquiries we have been receiving, we have streamlined our intake process. So, really, not so "easy. I had my ice maker frozen shut yesterday.

Considering how EXCELLENT my experience was with my original Samsung Warranty (one of the worst I've ever experienced), I could barely contain my excitement! I started getting wet. RF24FSEDBSR French Door Refrigerator with Twin Cooling Plus, 22.6 cu.ft. Need a permanent solution. That's the one thing I have no replaced. :-) I only had to do this twice and now the drawer is unfrozen and all the ice in the bucket is gone! I have pressed the reset button a hundred times and get nothing, no chime or any noise.

The styrofoam used to insulate the coil is inferior. Samsung Remote Service enables one of our specially trained technicians to remotely view and control your Samsung TV and smartphone to directly help you with your product.

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