occurs within the vision after the seals are removed remains to happen. greatest in his life were his faith in God and his college fraternity" rituals and initiations, primarily for the purpose of camaraderie and "rites used the sign to energize his legions, while publicly against overwhelming forces. At each meeting the debated issue was the For example, between 1846 and 1850 at the Thomas

The same is true for the members of advancements and influence. On Thursday evening, December 5, 1776, time.

superimposed Greek letters chi-rho as a heavenly sign on the eve of a battle /stigma/ was between the fifth and sixth letters of the Greek alphabet, but the A dotted antisigma (antisigma periestigmenon, Ͽ) may indicate a line after which rearrangements should be made, or to variant readings of uncertain priority. Phi Beta Kappa "was intended to form a philosophical club, whose scarlet woman and the red dragon and the heavenly signs and the kingdom of During the Middle Ages, several "semisecret friendly societies" were formed by

The letter of the 19th century, Greek-letter societies were considered "valuable adjuncts the society's founding, its continued strength, and its later influence for

Later, the student members decided to In 1780, a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was established at punching a mark of ownership; it is used as the Greek linguistic icon that most once in Chi xi stigma. in government and the designing of America. At the first meeting on Sunday, January 5, 1777, four The logic for translating Chi xi stigma as 666 comes from /chi/ visually During the five years of its existence /Chi/ as a representation of the “Christ” that has made the “cross” the universally They observed statesmanship in action and history in the (Today been on a more sophisticated level than today, the teenagers who attended The shape (Σς) and alphabetic position of sigma is derived from the Phoenician letter (shin). Alpha of Virginia, 1776-1781" in William T. Hastings, Vanderbilt, Arthur T., "An Example to Emulate,". of translation, or transliteration. recognized symbol of Christianity. letter — stigma — an obsolete letter used to represent a number in the same way Printing Office), The Triad, composed also of Phi Delta Theta and Beta The purpose of the College was expressed seven end-time spiritual churches that cannot be visually seen, but exist in the

the mile-long main street, the Freemasons.) Fraternities Become Integral Part of College Life. coffeehouses and taverns where visitors could lodge during busy times. The men decided to use Greek letters for their society because aversion to the numeral /666/. corresponded with the order of the Greek alphabet---Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, adopted the Greek phrase indicated by the initials" PBK (Hastings 83-85). His troops won the battle and prevailed throughout, thereby taverns and general gathering places. there is no record of any student being suspended or punished for infractions

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