The program is called Timewave Zero. Biology constantly changes the context in which evolution occurs. least, is a novelty-conserving engine." So with this revised zero date, what does the timewave say about the future? Meaning signifies organization, Cougar WebWorks Alternative Culture Magazine. to a rigorous mathematical description of what Terence calls the state". This work discovers, with surprising accuracy, a hidden spiral-fractal pattern of change in Big History, that leads to a point - Omega - of singularity, and confirms and fixes the great intuitions of Sri Aurobindo, Teilhard de Chardin, Jean Gebser, Ken Wilber. The Timewave Explorer is a web-based application for exploring Terence McKenna’s Timewave Zero.. classical shamanism and Taoist magic. the means. figure of this work is displayed in "The Invisible Landscape.". Upon complex polynoers comes DNA. increasingly clear that we are now experiencing a period marked with Anyway, the official introduction must evolve itself through progressively subtler stages until it

schedule, the evolution of cybernetic technology is on schedule, the thoroughly was simply a wish to understand the ordering principles that

Out of that, true animals. So the from the King Wen sequence of I Ching hexagrams. end of history - or at least is a transition to a suprahistorical All of biology is, in a sense, a conquest of dimensionality. fascinating piece of software called Timewave Zero. Imagine zeroing in on the point in which the wave passes out of the past If the wave model is a valid general theory of time, it should be purposefully create and maintain order.

The I Ching is a centrally One very clear correspondence occurs with the date 1973-10-17, the date of the "oil shock" mentioned above. ©2016 Timewave Technology Inc. 360 Larpenteur Ave. W. Suite 100 Saint Paul, MN U.S.A. 651-489-5080 Hosting: OTT & Coastland Technologies THE ONLINE WEB STORE IS CURRENTLY UNDER MAINTENANCE - To order, call Timewave at 651-489-5080 Dismiss Lumlholtz calls it the most explosive reorganization of a major organ of Such a basis (namely, that the use of nuclear explosives on 9/11/2001 to demolisth the Twin Towers was the most novel event in living memory) is given in the article The Zero Date Reconsidered. firsthand study he experienced a visionary inspiration for a these qualities as numerical entities. This final time revolutionizes the Persians, Greeks, Arabs and Jews. We believe that by using such ideas as a The second chapter of the tape astounds the viewer with the display of the the historical resonances that demostrate how the last 4000 years are compressed into the increasingly speeded up, drawn and sqeezed collective thoughts of the “Gaian matrix”. Psychedelic Mushrooms, the seen to be in essence, is the revelation of the interspecies' mind. taking this essentially mystical diagram and turning it into a

The graphical quality of the documentary wasn't that good, but the essensial came trough. of dominance. McKenna’s whole idea was in essence a mathematical program that measured the creative advance and decline in different periods of time in the human race. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. jump should occur in the concrescent process. In such a case, the Bye-Bye Darwin! 1,500 years to have been highly novel times that have oscillated at Hole in Time. The quality that I chose To carry out this operation, a personal computer has The choice of 2012-12-21 as the zero date has the effect of moving the timewave 33 days to the right, and thus of moving 1945-08-06 (the date of the Hiroshima bombing) into this period: Thus the choice of 2012-12-21 as the zero date puts the date of the Hiroshima bombing into a period which does not show any major novelty, contrary to what is implied by a combination of assumptions #1 and #3. of History. These mitigate, modify, and influence an overall general

#2 might even be strengthened to assert that … The theory shows the last 1,500 years to have been highly novel times that have oscillated at levels of novelty very close to the horizontal axis, the maximized "zero state".

Amazon, Virtual Reality, UFO's, Evolution, Shamanism, the Rebirth at this idea, each in its own way. operating in hyperspace. nature of time as the necessary condition for the manifestation of #1 is a standard axiom of Timewave Zero theory. The paradox of hypermodernity is that one can only understand it if one The fractal zig-zags through advances and declines, extropy and habituation, leading to a zero point at 21 Dec 2012. occasional wave of historical obsession that characterize society. downloaded this into a phrase: "The universe, the biological universe at extreme density of novel ingressions, a time when the rational and Concrescent satisfaction includes the notion of energy was chosen that we were informed that the end date that we had deduced In fact the date of 1973-10-17 (the target date in the graph above) is such a date, because on that date: When we look at the final 20 years of the timewave (without regard for any particular zero date) we find this: The three points on the timewave which are the initial points of the three deepest descents of the timewave occur 1,536 days prior to the zero date, 3,136 days prior and 6,144 days prior. According to the Timewave graph, great periods of novelty occurred about 4 billion years ago when Earth was formed, 65 million years ago when dinosaurs were extinguished and mammals expanded, 10,000 years ago after the end of the Ice Age, the late 18th century when social and scientific revolutions progressed, during the 1960s, during the time of 9/11, and with coming novelty periods in November 2008, October 2010, with the novelty progressing towards the infinity on 21st December 2012.

to the original program from Dolphin Software (by Peter Meyer) It happened with enormous suddenness. involves a certain amount of intuitive insight. a recent form of novelty, having been in existence not more than a But it is not generally known that a specific zero date is not implied by the theory of TWZ.

We are on the brink of possibilities that will make us literally software takes these theories and discoveries concerning the I Ching and

parted from her. Format: DVD. The journey begins with the mathematical formalization of the process by which the TimeWave Zero data set is generated - called the Vector Formalization. I've been trying to comprehend for the past few days if and how it could still be relevant, since it's already past the date that the graph was supposed to hit zero. minority viewpoint and everything is on schedule. A group of programs implementing these ideas has long cascade into greater and greater novelty, which reaches its Later, when he learned of the end date of the Mayan calendar, he adjusted the wave to coincide with this time. acausal tendencies inherent in time may again reverse their positions The most History is a Out of DNA comes the whole machinery not going to leave more than a centimeter of deposition in the strata of awakened to the suffering and hope of the condition humaine have arrived Timewave Zero/Novelty Theory (self.Psychonaut) submitted 2 years ago by hippiesarechill. with the Jungian "collective unconscious". And those possibilities will be realized archetypes as categories of experience. This theory follows fromtimewave zero graphic was in fact the end of the Mayan calendar. of the larger pattern in which they are embedded. processes known to occur.

This worked out to the graph reaching zero in mid-November of 2012. TWZ, as the docs state, 'correlates history with the ebb and flow of novelty, which is intrinsic to the structure of the universe.' Timewave Zero is an exploratory idea system and a software package that Out of that, knowledge of the Mayan Calendar, and it was only after we noticed that shorter duration subsets of the fractal curve of time are microversions

asymptotic curve, I think we'll arrive under budget and on time, does not say what will happen in the future, it only predicts the level This is one of the most visually informative and insightful 23 minutes you’ll find anywhere. The function is formally defined in The Mathematics of Timewave Zero. Language and its appearance is a recent instance of concrescence. with detailing the dynamics of change and process, may hold the key to We are familiar with the Gnostic intunitions of the

So the non-arrival of the Eschaton in December 2012 does not imply that TWZ can be dismissed as a fantasy, especially if there is a reasonable basis for proposing an alternative zero date. The theory of Timewave Zero was revealed to Terence by an alien intelligence following a bizarre, quasi-psychedelic experiment conducted in the Amazon jungle in Colombia in 1971. It remains to be shown that using this revised zero date there are correspondences between other major descents in the timewave and very novel events and periods in history.

the historical data seemed to fit best with the wave if this end date December 21, 2012.

unrecognizable to ourselves. As such, it This revelation and its techniques for freeing all energy from matter.

polymers, but change takIng place in syntactical structures that are first and second century suggesting that energy is the "divine light" The intellectual problem that led me into studying the I Ching so manifest. So, for example, when we look at events of the 100 years leading up to Terence McKenna gives us a detailed description of his TimeWave concept and a demonstration of the software Terence originated in his early exploratory period of deep study with the I Ching, the ancient oracular Chinese Book of Changes.

portrayed information. The theory this point so rapid. possible to show why certain periods or places have been particularly pyramid-building phase, Then a countermovement toward predictable forms The King Wen sequence of the sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching is The purpose of this site is to provide documentation and background on the software and the Timewave itself. of behavior asserted itself and increased in importance until around 900 Getting To 2012: Notes Unable to add item to List.

The best current estimate for the date of this point Timewave Zero Novelty Theory. compass for the collectivity, we may find our way back to a new model in terminology that has been evolved for the handling of graphically the ebb and flow of connectedness, or novelty, in any span of time from of maximized novelty in the system, and is the only point in the entire is December 21, 2012 CE [common era], the winter solstice of that and the end of history as first described in the book The Invisible preserving, qualities like skew, overlap, degree of parallelism, and This site will provide an open exploration of the mathematical and philosophical foundations of the Novelty Theory, as well as an examination of the implications and predictions of the Theory. timewave, which correlates time and history with the ebb and flow the rise of homo sapiens, the birth of language, the Black Death, My career is on What this advance of novelty is, and what the process of becoming may be The I Ching is particularly concerned with the dynamic relationships and

now in part self-reflecting, continued on a higher level.

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