An unofficial account dedicated to providing you with the latest news for the mobile game TWISTED WONDERLAND. date 30 Aug 2019; Read Here. It’s a pretty cold day today, huh? shipping: + $14.00 shipping . ( Log Out /  Worn, used, stained, animal hair attached or altered items can not be returned. QUEEN: Magic Mirror on the wall–QUEEN: Tell me, who is the fairest of them all.MAGIC MIRROR: I see the figure of your fair step-daughter. Rōmaji Digital printing process used on lining layer makes the patterns and color similar to the original. ( Log Out /  Thus, be careful while checking all details on the merchandise please. Thank you and stay safe.

RARE Disney Twisted Wonderland POMEFIORE Epel Plush Doll Limited to JAPAN #DHL.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. He is gorgeous and eye-catching. Condition: New. #twistedwonderland #twistedwonderlandhalloween #pomefiore Oh my gosh, I was so shocked when I first saw that Chapter 1 had a battle already XD I expected students, but to see Crewel-sensei be the opponent was so amazing! Hello~! Don’t just stop and stare, Yuu!GRIM: I hit my nose on your leg, yanno?ACE: You’re staring intently at the Great Seven’s statue, Yuu. $43.00. CREWEL: But very well, bad boys need to be disciplined to learn their lessons, after all.CREWEL: The Joint Cultural Festival is a chance for all major magical schools to come and attend a gathering.CREWEL: And for two days, we hold competitions to showcase art, music, and even new magical discoveries.CREWEL: It is very much similar to an Inter-High but for cultural arts.CREWEL: Our 4th year students are dispatched all over the world to help with research and to train themselves, too.CREWEL: And on the festival day, the 4th years will be coming back to announce their research.

projects. If so, maybe it’s possible to fight the other NRC staff members especially if we get to kick Crowley’s ass for being a deadbeat and leaving both Yuu and Grim to clean up the Overblot messes. Likes and reblogs are appreciated.※ Re-translations are okay, but with credit, please ^^ Under… $130.00. Dorm Information The vice dorm leader of Pomefiore. #twistedwonderland #twistedwonderlandhalloween #pomefiore Hopefully we get to throw hands with Headmaster soon LOL. He thinks he is the most beautiful and spares no effort for beauty. DEUCE: If it’s not a dream, then maybe… It’s a ghost?GRIM: It’s possible considering how much those guys love pranks, yanno?ACE: Oh, I know!

If that Mickey guy shows up again in the mirror, why don’t you try taking a pic of him using the Ghost Camera the Headmaster gave you?ACE: That’s a magical tool that can snap anything with a soul, right? Hips - Wrap the tape around the widest part of your hips across the hip bone. Pomefiore was founded on the unrelenting efforts (奮励) of the Beautiful Queen, and is inspired by the world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Feel free to ask us anything! I hope that we can all enjoy a new adventure with a different dorm again this time around~! GRIM: Wha—?! shipping: + $14.00 shipping . Rook Hunt Crest Pomefiore is the only dorm whose known members are all from different homelands. Is there something wrong with the mirror?GRIM: Check yourself all you want, but you don’t even have a single hair out of place, yanno? The original package, garment tag and tracking number are. It has three members: Vil Schoenheit, Epel Felmier, and Rook Hunt. Tumblr has become really mean when it comes to formatting a lot of sylized posts, so I'll be posting a lot of translations here, too~! You keep staring into space.GRIM: He’s been acting strange since he woke up, yanno?ACE: Eh? Our Cosplay Costumes,wigs and other accessories are shipped from China and USA directly. Purple and Red View All Posts. Keep one finger between the tape and your body. Under the cute, gentle front he's forced to put on by Vil, he is rather rude and brusque. Please return the costumes back with a shipping number. Waist - Wrap the tape around the natural waist, the smallest part, which is about an inch above the belly button.

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