Ectoparasite faeces contaminate the bite site and pass on the infection.

Typhon expressed his desire for Mortarion to accept Nurgle's embrace, but instead the Primarch attacked the First Captain.

Epidemic and scrub typhus are usually associated with more severe symptoms which typically begin suddenly. Epidemic typhus occurred in Australia in the 18th and 19th centuries but does not naturally occur now. [12a], According to Typhon himself, he was secretly converted to worship of the Gods of Chaos during the Zaramund Campaign, receiving revelation at the touch of the hand of an old woman[19d].

Murine typhus is reported from all over Australia. As the illness progresses there may be a severe cough, haemorrhagic rash and delirium. [19b] As a child upon the toxic planet of Barbarus, Calas Typhon was troubled by nightly phenomena over which he believed he had no control. [4] The novella The Lion by Gav Thorpe rectifies this, stating that Typhon/Typhus is a minor psyker and prior to Mortarion's joining with the Dusk Raiders he actively trained his powers. People of all ages are at risk of typhus rickettsia if exposed but infection usually confers long-lasting immunity. [13] It is possible that Typhon/Typhus was recruited from Barbarus and inducted into the Legion's Librarius during this period, although this would require Mortarion to have been on Terra for several years (considering the amount of time required to create a Space Marine). Faeit 212 BlogExchange Tabletop Fix. [16], After being instructed that the time was right by Erebus, Typhon and his forces rejoined Mortarion during the purging of the loyalist world of Ynyx.

[5] This implies that he may have been born elsewhere, perhaps on Terra.

Protective masks should be worn when cleaning areas heavily infested by rodents to reduce the risk of murine typhus from inhaled dust contaminated by rodent faeces. Epidemic typhus is not spread directly from person to person but the infected human body louse may move from one person to another person through close contact or shared clothing. I shamelessly stole the conversion idea from the internet (his had a t'au) I've just about finished the plague marines for armies on a parade, and I'll send in pics of the board when it's done. Flea-borne (murine) typhus was a nationally notifiable disease from 1930 until 1987. It occurs widely around the world but is particularly prevalent in tropical and sub-tropical coastal areas where rodents are commonly found. Nonetheless through his rugged talent, Typhon was eventually able to rise to the prestigious position of First Captain. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cannot attest to the accuracy of a non-federal website. Later during the Heresy, Typhon led half of the Death Guard in a splinter fleet while Mortarion himself took command of the other. After less than a week in the Apothecarion he had already healed and discharged himself as fit for active duty. People at increased risk epidemic typhus include those who work with displaced populations in impoverished areas, such as in refugee camps.

[1], When Mortarion joined Horus in his rebellion, Typhon helped orchestrate the massacre of loyalist Space Marines on Isstvan III, when Horus's fleet virus-bombed the surface and killed nearly every living thing aboveground[2b].

Grulgor strangled Typhon to death, fulfilling his oath to Mortarion to kill the First Captain. The risk of scrub typhus increases in secondary vegetation near dense forests, especially when sitting, lying or pitching tents, and sleeping in tents without attached floors. In another episode Typhon saved a squad of Sisters of Silence on the planet of Madrighoul by throwing himself onto a malfunctioning Krak grenade. There, the Death Guard forces were welcomed by Luther and his Fallen Angels.

The data sheet that comes in the box with him states that his master crafted man reaper is an auto hitting weapon. Because of the rarity of the disease, in 1987, the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists voted to remove flea-borne typhus from the list of nationally notifiable diseases. Outbreaks have occurred during wars and after natural disasters, particularly in colder months and when louse-infested clothing is not washed. However, the short story Daemonology mentions that Mortarion spent an unspecified length of time on Terra between being rediscovered by the Emperor and assuming command.

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