Fold Cord in half to create a loop. To make a single version – start with 1 Lark’s Head knot and make a repeat pattern of half hitch knots. Repeat steps 2 through 4 of the horizontal clove hitch, moving down diagonally instead of straight across. Ensure your outer left cord is still placed diagonally over the cords. Take the last cord (working cord 4) and move it to the left, over the filler cords (cords 2 and 3) and under the first cord (working cord 1). You have to complete one side (also called a half square knot) and then the other side (also called a right half square knot) to make the full square knot. You can use the Quick Links section to jump right there. I’ve done macramer more than 30 years back. There are essentially two parts to the square knot. You have now completed a half square knot. Take working cord 1 and move it to the left over the two filler cords and under working cord 4. Fold the cord in half and place the loop under the dowel rod. And keep going until you reach the last cord on the right side. Macrame Wood Rings – love how earthy these are, Macrame Book – great for learning and inspiration. There are variations to the half hitch knots, (like triple half hitch knots), but even with these basic half hitch knots, you can make great patterns. It’s a great activity to pick up again – there are so many things you can make! Let me know if you need any more help with it! It’s just a repeat pattern of half square knots (first half of a square knot) or half hitch knots.

Macrame has been a popular way to decorate for decades, bringing texture and warmth into a home with knots that can be put together in unique ways to create one-of-a … Start with 3 or more Lark’s head knots. Craft night, girls night, make your own macrame earrings from home and learn how to stiffen the ends of macrame jewelry.

If you'd like, trim both ends of the working cord for a clean finish. The Lark’s Head Knot is one of the most basic knots in Macrame.

Before you're ready to start learning how to macrame, gather your supplies and familiarize yourself with some common macrame terms you'll need to know. Because here’s the great thing about macrame:  Even the most basic macrame knots can make drop-dead gorgeous patterns. Square knots need to have at least 4 cords (2 working cords and 2 filler cords) but can have more. Take working cord 1 and move it to the left, going under the filler cords and over working cord 4.

Make a square knot with four left side cords. The middle cords are filler cords and we'll number those 2 and 3. It’s always better to have too much cord than too little!

Yea! Watch the video and see how you can add a designer touch to bottles and jars. A Clove Hitch, also called a Double Half Hitch, creates lines in your projects. Take working cord 4 over to the right, over the filler cords and under working cord 1. Your Right Half Square Knot is complete. Take the outer left cord and place it on top of the left cord and UNDER the two middle cords.

Learn more here.

A Diagnol Clove Hitch creates a series of diagonal knots in your project. DIY Tutorial l How to make a Moon Dreamcatcher ? (See photo above).

I’ve put together in one ebook, 50 macrame knots that you can learn and begin using to create pattern and knotting projects. Step-by-step instructions for unique modern macrame wall hanging: Below you can find my video tutorial on how to make this modern macrame wall hanging. Are you feeling totally overwhelmed by Macrame? A Reverse Lark's Head Knot is done in the reverse, so the bump is hidden in the back of the knot. It contains detailed instructions for tying a variety of basic as well as unique knots.

Now trying to reconnect . Let me know if I can help you any further! It's easy to learn how to macrame because you only need to know a handful of knots to create a macrame project. This cute macrame Angel can be a perfect accessory or a nice gift for anyone! Although very intricate knots can take a bit of practice, these basic knots I’m about to show you are sometimes all you need. A few of you have asked me about tying Spiral Knots. Working left to right, make a double half hitch knot with the second cord.

You already know how to do the spiral knot. Very clear and helpful.

Take your left cord, the filler cord, and hold it horizontally across the other cords. Good. A double half hitch knot is just a half hitch knot repeated a second time. Use this Angel as a delicate ornament for Christmas tree or decoration for your room. See the pros and cons of each style with macrame tutorial examples.

Most of these projects only use macrame cord and a few other supplies.

Just go with it. As you work, your cords will start to spiral. Take the outer RIGHT cord and cross it over the two middle cords.

I think i can pick it up again easily now. Make sure to pull your cords tight without any twisting. And don’t forget that you can get all sorts of colors too. See more ideas about Macrame knots, Macrame, Knots. A good rule of thumb for determining the length of your cord is to just make it double or (2.5x) the length of your finished macrame piece. Starting below the top end of your working cord—which is pointing up—wrap it around the filler cords and the loop.

This is a decorative knot that will add a lot of interest to your project. Thank you Sheila! I just love this activity so much. Your gathering knot is complete! Then, we need to get a hoop, a stick or a ring.

Pull until the loop is enclosed in the wraps.

Pass the ends of the cords through the loop to tighten. Here’s a whole set for you if you want to get it all at once. The macrame will naturally spiral. There is a total of 6 cords. The Overhand Knot is a basic knot that ties multiple cords together. Bailey Wilkinson(@bailswilky) has created a short video on TikTok with music Freak by Doja Cat. A right facing half knot and square knot has a vertical bump on the right side of the finished knot. keeping the filler cords straight. Macrame Cording – comes in all different rope sizes and colors. This is the pattern on the far right below. Something like this to attach your cord to.

Loop that cord through the “4” hole and pull tight.

Thank You for any help you can give me and I have shared your Macrame Site on my site hope you get a lot of hits from that. Get DIY project ideas and easy-to-follow crafts to help you spruce up your space. (Push away the outer two cords on the left and right side to make it easier.).

Awesome Malissa. | Macrame Decor - YouTube, 海马小海马教程:由手工客sgk_m_1538984865574与大家分享,所需72号玉线,玉线,剪刀,圆头针,分63步制作,更详尽的海马小海马教程尽在手工客官网.

Take a separate length of cord (this will be your working cord) and form a long u-shaped loop on top of the group of filler cords, with the loop facing down. This is a left facing half square knot. Create a cute angel as a lovely gift for Christmas Eve. The direction and placement of this outer left cord will determine the pattern.

But Amazon has TONS of options for good macrame cording. These cords will switch places but will still keep their original numbering. Take the same working cord and to the right of the first knot, take it up, over, and through the loop. Decor Hint is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Now make a double half hitch knot with the fourth cord. To make a reverse lark’s head knot – you simply do a lark’s head knot the opposite way. A square knot is one of the most widely used macrame knots and it can be created as left facing or right facing. Macrame is so fun! Loop it through the hole on the left side. Instead of switching to the right side to complete the square knot, you just keep working that left side. A left facing square knot has a vertical bump on the left side of the finished knot. Here’s the link to your handy pdf guide! These Jute Knotted Bottles are easy to recreate and look great! As with most things in life, you can improve on your craft with practice. Hi. To me, a half hitch is simply your basic knot. This completes your left facing square knot.

So glad this worked for you! I made spiral Christmas Ornaments. A Spiral Stitch, also called a Half Knot Sinnet or Half Knot Spiral, is a series of half knots to create a spiral stitch. In fact, almost every beautiful piece of finished macrame you see starts with this knot. Do you see all these beautiful patterns and think, ‘I could never do that?’. Hope that helps! Before you watch a tutorial for a DIY Macrame wall hanging- watch this! Cords 1 and 4 are your working cords and cords 2 and 3 are your filler cords. See that diagonal pattern I made? There are two working cords in this knot; the rest of the cords are filler cords. Pull both working cords to tighten around the filler cords. This is a right facing half square knot. You can make so many things with just these basic knots under your belt. A spiral stitch needs at least 4 cords, 2 working and 2 filler cords, but more can be used. I show how to tie the square knot (plus how to alternate them), spiral knot (or half square knot), double half hitch (diamonds) and larks head (to attach macrame to the dowel). To make the alternating square knot as I did above, start with 4 Lark’s head knots (there will be 8 total cords).

Repeat until you have the look you want. PS:  I sat in front of the TV and finished these knots up last night after the kids were in bed. The working cords have now switched places with working cord 1 on the right and working cord 4 on the left. Yay!

There should now be two knots sitting next to each other. Move working cord 4 to the left, going under the filler cords but over working cord 1.

A half knot is simply half of a square knot. Make a square knot with the four right side cords. Make a square knot with the four middle cords.

So I included a video at the bottom of this post with me tying spiral knot macrame ornaments. 10 pieces of 40″ sage green macrame yarn; 8 pieces of 85″ dark green macrame yarn; The macramé knots used in this project are Square Knots, Double Half Hitch Knots, and Lark’s Head Knots. I would go with a length at least four times larger then the finished project. There are free macrame patterns for traditional macrame items like plant hangers and wall hangings, as well as some unique items like trivets, keychains, table runners, curtains, and even chairs and chandeliers. You can see how I did this below. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small commission - at no extra cost to you. Pull both cords to tighten, keeping everything straight. Hi it's Macrame Creation . Stacy Fisher is the former freebies writer for The Balance. Check out my other Macrame Projects right here: Below are four basic knots to get you started. Be sure to check out my other favorite macrame projects! Now make a double half hitch knot with the third cord. So place the outer right cord diagonally over the other cords.

Use these basic macrame knots to make these projects today. There should be a total of 4 macrame cords there.

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