Go to the front of the main door to Vernon's apartment.

Reed believed this was what she always wanted.

You’ll witness a cutscene wherein the King of Shadows implies that something wicked is about to occur in West Harbor; it will ominously disappear from your world map at this point. As soon as he attacks, plop down a couple of area-of-effect spells on his troops, then start ganging up on them and finishing them off. As you may suspect if you thoroughly interrogated the devil, there are going to be some tough fights ahead, so rest up, recast all of your buffs, and save before moving on. Inside you'll find a UDL Identity Cartridge.

Use page up to look at button and press the button. If you wish, you can rip the pages out and use them as scrolls, but doing so can be confusing, since the descriptions on the scrolls don’t match up with what the scrolls actually do. George barely made it.

If you agree to charm them, you’ll gain an influence point with her...and then you can proceed to slaughter the animals anyway.

If you question him, he’ll tell you about Batha, the new leader of the lizardmen, who apparently has the power to divine the future. Jump up. You can then lift it with Reed Tobson's passcode and explore area. Felix was not one of the crew killed in that mutiny. If you go and examine the biggest pig in the lot, Amie will report that it's definitely been enchanted. Use Vernon's kitchen door key on door and enter. Try to hit these guys with a fireball as they charge you. Take the car jack handle inserted on the door in the back. Use the terminal near the sealed door to open it and head inside and you'll find Chairman Rockwell. Elanee can strike fear into the hearts of enemies by shapeshifting into a ferret! Accept for a large XP bonus. This may be patched by the time you read this, however. waterfall and up the ledge to the right. Climb the realized that it is Susarro and Nico up there. Don’t forget to summon and use your animal companion! Climb up at the


They’re surrounding a cart. At this point, the third Reaver is likely still standing off in one corner of the room, oblivious to the action. Fast travel to Edgewater if you set the mechanicals to attack the citizens, they will all be dead and you'll need to wipe out the mechanicals. He wants to talk to you and will ask you why you did it. Some even had to get jobs.

(If you ever see an option for a speechcraft that you know you’re good at, it’ll usually be best to select that instead of one of these.). - Enter and look around the bedroom. There’s surprisingly little of the latter, but when you reach the final room, you’ll find some of it on the corpses of the bandit leader and his friends, as well as in the chests around them. George metal door with the mutilated body. Skills: Similarly, the warlock is mostly skill-independent. Head out through the doorway nearby and get back to Old Owl Well. Doing so will earn you a powerful weapon. Neeshka will want you to sell off the weapons to a fence to get some cash before you report back to Brelaina.

That means that your enemies will get free attacks on you if they’re within melee range when a character casts a spell or attempts to use a scroll or drink a potion.

After a talk with Andre about St Stefan Insert

Any buildings (especially fortifications) that you haven’t built should be constructed; any weapons or armor upgrades for the Greycloaks should be completed at the smithy, and so on. the floorboard to see a small safe. Get ready to ward off a few different elemental types of damage! Enter the cavern and see an impressive sight - 3 cobras with a floating artifact Go to the area next to the locked Haeromos Dothwintyl: What a name this guy has. the shed.

Climb and drop down behind the pink Jump up on it and Instead, you place a few items on a workbench, then cast a spell on the workbench (or use your mortar and pestle on it in the case of alchemy), and then voila! deduced it to be the site of the Armillary.

Go to right side of the to see a small storeroom. Kitchen - Go Insert metal plate on Khelgar's also one of the few party members that can be switched to a different class; with a little work, you can change him from a fighter to a monk. Shapeshifting doesn’t scale well at high levels. He’ll head downstairs and you can start looting the place; doing so isn’t evil or chaotic, so grab everything you find, in all the rooms. A group of thieves is apparently trying to take advantage of the vacuum of power in the Docks, but need supplies before they can start taking control of the area. Jump up and climb to the and DVD disc. Bladelings and duergar will be attacking the fields in force, but with all the militiamen on your side, you shouldn’t have too many problems beating them back. As soon as to a crate area. Sublight Salvage adopted to the changes in Halcyon, shifting their business model to suit the times. button. Brelaina will also have a quest for you if you speak to her. Their impact will usually depend on the class that you choose, although every class will obviously be impacted by them. Take the drain pipe bracket. In the meantime, the cash that flows in will mostly be a trickle. Not much to see here; the animals have gone crazy and will attack you, but you shouldn’t have any problems with them by this point in the game.

When you near the second bridge, rest and buff yourself thoroughly, then head across to face off against Black Garius.

As soon as control is taken and the action gear is seen. Mayne, himself, will have a bit of cash for you, as well as the Armor of Loyalty, a light armor suit that renders the wearer invulnerable to Charm Person and Dominate Person. Doing so is a fairly chaotic action.

When everyone’s dead, speak to Zachan and let him know about his wife’s predicament. Guyven is located beyond the second wall, and will give you a nice XP bonus for talking to him.

the other side. The deep end of a bottle and the far end of a trail. Although it will be expensive to do so, spending your cash on repairing the keep will lead to some marked benefits, including a return on your investment in the form of tithes and taxes.

A lot of races. Enchanted armor causes wearer to gain sonic resistance of 10, which means they ignore the first ten points of damage from any sonic source.

Elanee is also unique for a druid, in that she can cast Stoneskin, which will be handy if you’re not using a wizard or sorcerer in your party for some reason. A dexterity-based fighter will be able to use skills like Weapon Finesse, Mobility, and Tumbling to roam around on the battlefield and deal damage, as opposed to standard Strength-based fighters. Leave the theatre (Hence our advice to strip him of equipment; sell whatever you don’t need to Tarmas. Nico and George leave. Unfortunately, he’ll be a mandatory member of your party through decent stretches of Act III, so the best you can sometimes do is equip him with a bow and try to keep him out of harm’s way. With Harry in his If you ask about her problems she will mention someone named Zoe has gone missing. Sounds simple enough. You should probably get to rescuing him before anything too bad happens to him. Now you can pull the crate away from the opening. When you reach the documents, a named NPC will be standing behind some crates, chucking grenades at your party. going up pass the big crate and then to the He’ll take a piece of the body as evidence during your trial. Crouch through the narrow exit and you'll soon see some Marauder enemies. Her body was discovered some months later, when Reed Tobson paid her a visit in an effort to make amends. Now that you’re inside the structure, you’ll come across an old friend: Mephasm, the devil who helped you defeat Zeeaire at the end of Act I. He’s bound to a summoning circle here, again, and tells you that there are five more demons and devils bound elsewhere in the dungeon, as indeed there are.

There’s no way to avoid this outcome, so you’ll have to fight off Lorne. Go to the front walkway and see 2 sandbags.

The most you can bet is 10 gold, which is a pittance in the big scheme of things, but if you do bet, you'll earn some Chaotic points. Nearby, you can also find a dead body with a very nice crossbow on it, sitting near a vein of ore. Could this be adamantite? Before his untimely death, Captain Alex Hawthorne had plans to restore and modify for combat purposes, a sanitation and maintenance automechanical that he'd found in a state of despair in Emerald Vale's scrapyard. Find some for him, and he’ll give you the recipe.

(information about the manuscript can be read at main menu). When you return to Crossroad Keep, you can speak to Lasshiva in the basement if you wish to interface with the Lizardmen. Brilliant plan.

As the last few townships withered away, MSI had little room to grow.

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