Zuri and Xander go after them and tell them to leave the guy alone. Season 3 premiered over a year after the Season 2 finale in April 2017, longer than the usual wait between season finales and season premieres of Disney Shows, and the season finished filming all of it's episodes before it even premiered. Gladys punishes them by making them do kitchen duty, which Tiffany is glad at since Gladys didn't call her mom. Marsh leaves the camp to a cooking camp because thinks Camp Kikiwaka is for weirdos. I’m really hoping we get to hear Miranda May sing on the show, word is she’s got a voice! Tiffany, Ravi, Finn, Destiny, and Matteo are the only characters who know of the Kikiwaka's existence. She is the second shortest (behind Jorge) of the main cast.

However, there are times when Tiffany is exposed to something fun, like candy and video games, and can easily become addicted to these items. Ravi pretends not to be afraid but freaks out when they see a large monster walking towards them. She is the niece of Gladys (who share the same problem with men) and descendant of Jedidiah Swearengen.

She is absent in 8 episodes, the most compared to the rest of the main characters. Weasel cabin tends to add extra members, such as Barbara, and in season 1, girls other than Lydia and Crystal are sitting at a table with Hazel. Morgan Ross (Husband) They spot a cabin and ask the old man inside for directions back to camp, but he's hostile towards them. Soundtracks. Gladys is very mean, bitter, cruel and cynical person. Quotes Gladys She favors Zuri.

Her style is full of bright colors, however, her style is somewhat like a uniform. Tiffany attempts to film the Kikiwaka but ends up holding the camera in "selfie mode" so it only captured Tiffany and Ravi running away.

Being critical of everyone else's actions is one of the reasons why she is anti-social. Camp Kikiwaka (formerly) She was formerly a perfectionist and Zuri’s bunkmate. Nathan Arenas as Jorge (seasons 1–2), a bespectacled boy of Hispanic descent who is Ravi's friend and a camper in Cabin Grizzly.

Raven About BUNK'D: Part Two September 5, 2020.

Make the campers at Camp Kikiwaka miserable (failed). 2:00 PM PST Blue

In Close Encounters of the Camp Kind, Zuri, Tiffany, and Jorge witness a shooting star crash in the distance. Although Gladys claims that it's purely made-up, at the end of the pilot, the creature can be seen watching the camp from across the lake.

All the characters are introduced in episode 1 of season one. 15.

Christina Ross never interacted with Xander McCormrick. Christina Evangelina Ross is the mother to The Ross Family kids on the show, "Jessie", known as Emma, Luke, Zuri, and Ravi. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Gladys_(Bunk%27d)?oldid=3881304, Gladys and her niece Hazel are very much alike because similar to how Hazel is crushing on Xander and jealous of his relationship with Emma, Gladys has been in love with Morgan Ross and hates the fact that he married Christina. The 3rd and last season is the shortest running time on Disney Channel to date with less than 2 months of new episodes, mainly due to having premiered 2 new episodes each week in it's runtime, running from June 18th 2018-August 10th 2018, which is shorter than the first seasons of. Emma and Tiffany are both a part of the Woodchuck Cabin. He's a 12 year old kid who's a reformed juvenile delinquent. Alias If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained.

Ravi and Tiffany head back to camp but on the way there, they hear a low growl and hide behind a bush, seeing the possible real Kikiwaka, leading to the following episode.

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