This midrange disc is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a straight flyer with very limited fade. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Both discs are similar to the models that came before them, so if you are already partial to one of these brands, you will likely enjoy these most recent models as well. In this vid Paul pronounces the 3 in Aviar3, mako3, roc3, leopard3 teebird3, and FD3. The rest of the ratings for these two discs differ. Disc Golf Warrior is your one-stop shop for all things disc golf.

I grab a teebird and a teebird3. The Mako3 is available in the new Jolly Launcher Champion plastic, and is slightly faster than the original Mako. The Mako3 is available in Champion plastic, and it's faster than the original Mako. We equip you with the rules and tools you'll need to perform well on the course. Always consult an industry professional before using any new product or equipment with your game. i’m watching some 2019 jomez and nate for sure references his leopard3, Pronounce the 3! While both discs will stay pretty straight when thrown, the Buzz SS will fade a little at the end. It has been part of the game since 2003. Buzzz SS vs Mako3: A closer look Flight characteristics. If you are looking for another mid-range disc to add to your bag, look no further than two of the most popular brands on the market: Discraft and Innova. For example, if you tend to play in cold or rainy conditions, the Buzzz SS in Z FLX plastic or the Mako3 in XT plastic would both be solid options that specifically address your needs. Finally, the XT plastic is almost as durable as the premium plastics and has a unique grip that is perfect for all weather conditions. © INFINITE DISCS 2012-2018. Alternatively, you can say RocRocRoc or LeopardLeopardLeopard. You could make a poll about this if you want some real data, but I expect it to be a landslide victory for pronouncing the 3. Far and away the most popular disc in the Discraft lineup, the Buzzz is a staple of the disc golf world. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Really no evidence other than the fact that a TL3 is not a TL, etc. The VTech rim and lower profile adds extra torque resistance, great for sidearm throws. The Buzzz SS and the Mako3 both have a speed rating of 5. Both brands offer plastic options that help with durability, grip, and flexibility. Detail. Overall, a roc is a roc, a roc3 is a roc3, and dems just the facts. Sign Up for Our Newsletter: © INFINITE DISCS 2012-2018.

You have no items to compare. The Buzzz SS and the Mako3 both have a speed rating of 5. This means the Mako3 is able to stay in the air a little longer and cover a little more distance. I think that the 3 isn't silent because the discs have different flight numbers. The 3 is a necessary and useful distinction IMHO, Hell a Champ and a Star are often considered substantially different enough to warrant mentioning. The Mako3 is the newest version of the remarkably straight flying Innova Mako. With that said, with people who know what I'm throwing or I know what they're throwing, I don't always include the 3 for brevity's sake.

I don't know where you're getting that from. A faster Roc is a different Roc. The rest of the ratings for these two discs differ. What plastic you choose depends on what your particular needs are. Wombat3. This means it has a big bead around the bottom for extra torque and resistance. All Rights Reserved.

The only physical difference is that the Mako3 has a slightly flatter profile.

Evidence has been presented that professionals never say the 3 on any In The Bag videos or disc reviews.

Straight shots still go straight while turnovers stay turned with a gentle landing. Yeah, why would the manufacturer put the 3 on there if it wasn’t a different disc. The Mako3 is available in the new Jolly Launcher Champion plastic, and is slightly faster than the original Mako. Straight shots still go straight and turnovers stay turned with a … New Breed Transformation 22,833 views. This disc will hold straight and steady forever, or if put on an anny, they will hold the line with a small forward fade at the end. Both the Buzzz SS and the Mako3 come in 4 different options of plastics. The debate is that on Innova3 discs, you don’t pronounce the “3”. The difference between the Buzzz and the Buzzz SS is the latter has a straight to understable flight right out of the box without having to be worn in. Luster vs. Champion Plastic: Which is best for disc golf. Of the basic flight ratings, speed is the only rating that these two discs have in common. Powered By: Linez Technologies, Plastic grade(s): Basic (Cheapest), Durable, Premium. For example, you say “I threw my Roc” and not “I threw my Roc three”. 4.43 (Total Reviews: 30) Out of Stock. This means it has a big bead around the bottom for extra torque and resistance. GStar is similar to Star but adds flexibility and more grip, which is ideal for those who have less grip strength. Laugh.). The Wombat3 mid-range feels great in the hand and is easy to throw. In this article, we are going to focus our attention on comparing the Buzzz SS vs Mako3. Nate says that Paul is about to throw a Teebird3 while doing commentary. Content published on is intended for informational purposes only. i don't agree with it, but i wouldnt raise hell. Innova Star Wombat3 Disc Golf Disc Review - Disc Golf Nerd - Duration: 5:48. Advanced Disc Search, Buy The Wombat3 is a V-Tech version of the Wombat. Of course, we can go off daredevil, as they muse the same molds, but different plastics/weights mean a different name. Calvin says aviarx3 (if we're counting that) and roc3. So theoretically if you got a run of a Roc that had a flatter top, then it would be the same as a Roc3. I don’t really think anyone in our group will change their mind, I am really just soliciting more opinions on this and see what the general consensus is on the matter. the 3 don't be silent. Overall, the Mako3 would be a better choice if you are looking to get a little more distance and a straighter flight path from your throw, but the characteristics of these two discs are so similar that you really can’t go wrong with either one. Jerm calls it a Leopard3 The Wombat with VTech feels better in the hand, is easier to throw, and has more meat in the rim for extra torque resistance. The Mako3 comes in the options Champion, Star, GStar, and XT. Do y’all pronounce the 3 when referring to an Innova3 disc? The Titanium plastic is the highest performance blend and is extremely grippy and durable. Here's Garrett Gurthie saying aviarx3, roc3, and wombat3. The 3 is not silent for me, and I use the roc3. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for updates on new products and promotions. Advanced Disc Search, Buy All Rights Reserved. In terms of glide, the Buzzz SS is rated at a 4 while the Mako3 comes in at a 5. The Z FLX combines the durability of the Z plastic with the soft and flexible feel of the FLX plastic, and it is easier to grip, especially in wet conditions.

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