Now those are passionate engines. A V twin makes no sense.

The pleasure of the vtwin Suzuki utterly blows away the the feeling of the other two, and there is no contest here.

And when it comes to motorcycle channels on YouTube, we here at Yammie Noob deliver unparalleled memes, knowledge, and comedic twists on riders around the world. It has a mass of aftermarket parts to make it your own. Despite its balance shaft the engine vibrates significantly at idle and throughout most of the powerband, but the wide-ratio 5-speed gearbox shifts smoothly (thanks in part to the assist-and-slipper clutch) and the chrome peashooter mufflers burble modestly.

Is this fun anymore? Without an eagle eye on the tachometer ( you ought to be looking at the rod, dummy), you inadvertently shift into the VVT zone.

travelRear: Twin shocks, adj. The only time inline fours appeal to me is when accelerating in a straight line…13,000rpm is where it’s at for sure! Yeah, SV650 competes with FZ/MT-07 and SV650X competes with XSR700.

Like any good capitalist, we supply the demand the market has. But you can’t go wrong with any of the bikes. I love them both, but the Honda doesn’t get ridden much these days because I prefer almost everything about the FZ1, especially the characteristics of the engine and the more comfortable riding position.

So far, I haven’t seen one bike test site that claims to be set up to an industry wide calibration standard. I read an article late last year from a first time motorcycle buyer, who understandably did his research before buying a secondhand bike.

ChassisFrame: Steel trellis w/ steel beam-type swingarmWheelbase: 56.9 in.Rake/Trail: 25 degrees/4.2 in.Seat Height: 31.1 in.Suspension, Front: 41mm fork, non-adj., 4.9-in.

A flat twin is like a tight rope walker’s balancing pole for cornering poise, as long as an adult is in charge of the throttle.

Interval: 14,500 milesFuel Delivery: DFI w/ SDTV & 39mm throttle bodies x 2Lubrication System: Wet sump, 2.9-qt. We take on everything from the best bikes you should buy all the way to praying to our lord and savior Rossi.Why should I subscribe? milesWebsite:, EngineType: Liquid-cooled 90-degree V-twinDisplacement: 645ccBore x Stroke: 81.0 x 62.6mmCompression Ratio: 11.2:1Valve Train: DOHC, 4 valves per cyl.Valve Insp. cap.Transmission: 5-speed, cable-actuated assist-and-slipper wet clutchFinal Drive: O-ring chain, ElectricalIgnition: DigitalCharging Output: 154 watts max.Battery: 12V 10AH.

Mark’s GearHelmet: Bell SRT-ModularJacket: Fly StrataPants: Rev’ItBoots: AlpinestarsTail Bag: Firstgear. No way at all. No they’re not. - YouTube

But I know that most of the twin are from the 180 deg crank variety . for preload, 5.1-in.

I don’t think I could live without the 99 liters of dry storage. (two stroke triples might be an exception). Get a V2, I-3 or I-4. I'd actually probably go with the MT-07, since it's more or less the same as the XSR700, but cheaper.

The engine was entirely tractable , the bike was very narrow and easy to ride as a middle weight, but with no lack of power, and plenty of speed up to to 180kph, which is fast enough.Sigh. Want a second cyl, make it parallel twin, we wanted a second cyl, not a second head, a second valve cover and a bunch of other crap we cant get to cos its crammed against the frame or crammed to the radiator. Which one do you think of when you wake up? I-2’s are cheap engines for peasants!

Best of all, it doesn’t need to be wrung out in order to have fun, and is equally happy munching through traffic or carving up canyons — though not for hours on end. (I know it sounds like the start of a bad joke but bear with me.) Retro Modern Battle! Wonderful bikes. If they have, they’re not bragging about it….

The cb650r has the most power vs the other two. This is the greatest motorcycle channel on YouTube. Why do you guys make these list videos? But mostly the Yamaha is just pretty. I got a nice big Vee in my cruiser and the sound and torque is to die for!

I’ve ridden lots of motorcycles over the years, and while it’s not a powerhouse, the Suzuki 650 mill is such a fun motor to run thru the gears, and it’s smooth running too. That’s because you are a cultured person, one of discerning taste. Full disclaimer, I bought two bike last year, a Honda Metropolitan for my daughter to ride on Florida campus, and a Suzuki Burgman 650.

The CB650R sounds like shit for an i-4. I take it you haven’t ridden them then Carl.

Know anything about precision measuring instruments? The two bikes I currently own are decidedly old school, but certainly capable machines-a 1998 Honda Super Hawk and a 2001 Yamaha FZ1.

- my friend has CB650R and is happy with it, seems reliable and average price option, - xsr700 - extreme reliablity, better looks imo (but that is personal) and good low end performance, great for city riding, too high price for extras :P. - sv650 - can't say much :( I know there was some special version or something in 2020 that looks better than stock one.

Probably not. They’re in luck — thanks to a challenging economy, increasing growth in female ridership and a need to attract younger riders, manufacturers are doubling down on the small- and midsize-displacement market, meaning there’s a middleweight machine out there for just about anyone.

I love the looks of the Honda much more than my FZ07 but I feel like the CB650R has no character, it’s just an in-line 4. A Turbo Hayabusa.Very funny, no seriously. ChassisFrame: Double-cradle steel w/ steel swingarmWheelbase: 57.7 in.Rake/Trail: 26 degrees/3.7 in.Seat Height: 31.1 in.Suspension, Front: 41mm fork, non-adj., 5.1-in. Press J to jump to the feed. I have ridden SVs. The beauty of a SV650 is you can turn it into a great commuter and peg scratcher for not much scratch. The replacement for the stale CB650F, this fresh CB650R rounds out Honda’s Neo-Sports Café lineup, slotting in between the CB300R and CB1000R released for the 2018 model year. I'm in a a similar situation. The CBR600’s sounded great tho.

When a friend asked me which bike between the logical choice or the passionate choice I said, buy the one that will make you happy.

It’s shod with the best tires of the trio, grippy Dunlop Roadsmart IIIs.

The bones haven’t changed: it’s still powered by the same 645cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, 90-degree V-twin that pulls strongly from idle to its peak of 69.3 horsepower at 8,700 rpm and 43.3 lb-ft of torque at 8,100, wrapped in a familiar steel trellis frame. Also considering Z650 because of the newer tech like TFT dash. In the intervening 20 years there have been S models with clip-ons and half fairings, but in my opinion this new-for-2019 café-racer X variation is the most true to the SV650’s spirit. This is not a place for special deals on bikes, or a marketplace to sell your motorcycle.

My vote would be FZ07 engine in the Honda CB650R frame.

EDIT: found it, check this video for nice review:, If I had to choose right now I would go with best price for used one for what I can get with ABS.

My thinking Kawasaki is competing with While reasonable price point drives why they bury that little jewel in a mediocre package, I do wish Suzuki would go nuts and offer the 650 all dressed. One thing I agree with Srinath is the fact that ” a second head, a second valve cover and a bunch of other crap” all those complicate the architecture and take more time to adjust . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I think it looks tall somehow? What should I get? Anyone who has ridden a gnarly Vee Twin will understand that the sound and torque reigns for street riding–esp in USA. Sit on all of them and see which speaks to you. Interval: 24,000 milesFuel Delivery: PGM-FI w/ 32mm throttle bodies x 2Lubrication System: Wet sump, 2.7-qt. (low/avg/high) 43.0/45.3/48.2 Estimated Range: 186 milesIndicated RPM at 60 MPH: 4,250, Base Price: $9,799Warranty: 1yr., unltd. You will die.

Personal opinion. For me, a bike (or a car) is a means to an end. We gathered three of the newest for an unorthodox Comparo Review; rather than pitting them against each other in a head-to-head battle, we thought instead we’d focus on each one’s unique personality. SV650X pricing where I am is making it hard to consider anything else: 2019 SV650X - $7, 800 2020 Z650 - $10,500 2019 XSR700 - $11,700 2020 CB650R - $11,900.

(low/avg/high) 38.9/53.1/58.7 Estimated Range: 202 milesIndicated RPM at 60 MPH: 4,250. A TURBO BUSA. Example is the mt-07 . All three are in the market for a new middleweight motorcycle, and each has a unique style and riding experience in mind. That character extends outward from the engine, with the old school double-cradle frame that was designed using Kawasaki’s advanced dynamic analysis software for new school handling, 18-inch spoked wheels rolling on tube-type Dunlop K300 GP rubber, dual rear preload-adjustable shocks, a 41mm gaitered fork and a classic clubman drop-down handlebar. Dual 290mm discs with 2-piston calipers up front and a single 240mm/1-piston combo at the rear work well, and ABS is standard. Because that old twin in the Suki doesn’t even feel like it has more low down grunt than the Honda, as confirmed by the torque curves up here… it just runs out of steam earlier…. So a fully faired bike just make sense.

The most power and the best riding position. Ah, she discovered the Suzuki SV650X, which mixes the best of both worlds — sporty and retro — and also happens to be a time-tested, proven platform that’s been pasting smiles on faces since 1999, the year the original SV650 launched. The result is a seriously sporty machine that will pluck at the heartstrings of any rider yearning for the howl of a rev-happy in-line four in an affordable, fun-to-go-fast package. Per the Jett Tuning dyno, the CB650R spins out a respectable 83 horsepower at 11,000 rpm, with torque topping out at 43 lb-ft at 8,200. By far the Suzuki. In-line 2-cylinder engine with a 270° crank sound just like a v-twin & get the same torque characteristic . Favorite Rides & Destinations Digital Edition, 2021 Triumph Trident 660 | First Look Review. I like the SV650X the best aesthetically but still having a hard time pulling the trigger for some reason. The middle weight category… Against Triumph … Even down to the retro look. The other upside over a sv650 is … While the CB could be a good first bike (Honda says 25% of its 650cc bikes are bought by first-timers), it’s got enough juice to keep an experienced rider happily entertained. fuel light onMPG: 87 AKI min. I could not rev an I-4 enough on the street without getting a ticket… i prefer more low-down torque.

It depends on the dyno. few crazies, I’d pay $15000 for a limited production SV650RR.

The XSR is derived from a proven platform. The 2019 Yamaha XSR 700 has an MSRP of $8,499, while the 2019 Suzuki SV 650 ABS has an MSRP of $7,499. travelBrakes, Front: Dual 290mm discs w/ 2-piston floating calipers & ABSRear: Single 240mm disc w/ 1-piston caliper & ABSWheels, Front: Cast, 3.50 x 17 in.Rear: Cast, 5.00 x 17 in.Tires, Front: 120/70-ZR17Rear: 160/60-ZR17Wet Weight: 437 lbs.Load Capacity: 488 lbs.GVWR: 925 lbs. Now where did our third rider go? I tend to prefer my 700cc and smaller bikes to be 90 degree v-twins because of the combination of torque and minimal vibration. ( not the w800 here & older triumph : 360 deg ) . The premiere source for beginner riders on YouTube.

SV650 $7800 vs. CB650R $11,900. Imagine trying to negotiate a twisty mountain road (again, most of our road are like this) at a steady speed. The quick, flickable Honda is a hoot to ride, but my personal preference is for low-end grunt over a high-strung in-line four.

I don’t have a long commute and we have plenty of more appropriate touring bikes in the Rider garage, so for cruising around town and half-day blasts up the local canyons, the cool-as-a-cucumber Suzuki best matched my personality.

You? New to riding? It has a mass of aftermarket parts to make it your own.

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